Saturday, February 18, 2006

In which I am a bad influence

Bwa-ha-ha! If it were a crime, I'd be guilty of aiding and abetting. Two of my friends have new blogs.

My friend Annie is a potter, among other things. Many other things. I've never met anyone so capable. (She comments here sometimes as "weldergirl" so that's one clue.) If you're familiar with Oneonta, Alabama, you've probably visited her downtown shop, where she sells her own beautiful creations as well as other Alabama handcrafts. Including some lovely handmade soap, wink, wink.

She and her husband are building what promises to be an extremely cool passive solar house - with a dogtrot! She's started a blog called Edifice Rex to document it.

My friend Grace is a fellow soapmaker who lives a little north of Birmingham. If you wandered the Pepper Place farmer's market last summer, you may have tried some of her scrumptious-smelling soap.

She's a fellow chicken lover, who's good at keeping me up to date on the antics of Sam - the Rhode Island Red bantam game hen who turned out to be a rooster - and his girls. She has started a blog called Roosterhen Diaries, in which she's committing her hilarious paper journals to the blogosphere.

Go say hi!


Updated: Oops. I was thinking about my own Big Red when I was writing about Sam and called him a Rhode Island Red. Sorry!


pablo said...

I found many of the blogs I now visit daily from your "Bunch of Blogs" list beside your posts. Now I say that yours is a "gateway blog" that introduced me to my daily addiction. That's supposed to be a compliment, by the way.

weldergirl said...

Well, if you could see me I am blushing terribly and now filled with the terrible pressure of having to live up to such compliments!;) Thanks so much though; I will try to make the blog interesting if I don't beat the computer to death in the process. Your blog has been my inspriration!

gnumoon said...

I think you're a bad influence because I now spend waaaay too much time scouring the 'net for good deals on game cams. (I found a bear print on our land a month or so ago, and I've been obsessed with seeing the bears ever since)

The pictures from your cam are just SO COOL. My husband tends to steer clear of the blogosphere (blogging seems to make him nervous for some reason), but sometimes he asks if you've posted any new stuff.

Oh well, if I had a game cam I'd probably just make the deer look all gothy anyway. :)


bill said...

Cool new blogs.

I finally got around to checking out just where in Alabama you were. Not as far north as I was thinking.

I've actually been to Birmingham. A couple times in fact. On business. Didn't really see much. But I remember flying over those beautiful forests as came into the airport.

roosterhen said...

Sam, the girls and I are honored that you mentioned us,although Sam is just a tad upset that you called him a Rhode Island Red and would like you to know that he's a bantan game hen rooster, thank you very much. I told him it was an honest mistake for people to think he's a big guy, what with his huge ego and all...
Like weldergirl, we don't know if we can live up to the pressure of staying interesting, and know we'll probably never have all the interesting stuff to blog about that you do. You have set an extremely high standard for bloggin with your example, you know!

Floridacracker said...

Ditto what senor Pablo said. You were my gateway too :)

Rhodent said...

I will definitley check these blog out when I leave yours today!

Cute chick!

vicki said...

That is such a cute chick! Beautiful color. Hoping to see more of same, I'm hopping over.

Rhodent said...

Roosterhen Diaries is hilarious! I will have to get my neighbor who has chickens to read her blog!

Victor said...

She welds? That is waaaay cool!