Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scenes from dry woods

No time.

We'll talk later.

Maybe by then the Mockingbird will have tired of taunting me, repeating midnight tales of Scarlet Tanagers.


Turtle shell.
Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum). My husband calls these Germamiums, partly (I believe) because he knows I think it's cute.
Morel mushroom.


anne said...

Great shots! I love wild germamiums.

I said I would photograph our first wildflowers (coltsfoot), but I forgot my camera today. I will bring it tomorrow, though, because they're in bloom now - just today!

Congrats on the fifteen pounds, by the way. I'm delving back into Weight Watchers myself - I hope to be following in your footsteps very soon.

mon@rch said...

Is that a turtle shell? Love your photos! Great work!

pablo said...

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one blog along to read, yours would be the one. (But I think I've said things along this line before.)


Cathy said...

Oh! Wonderful. A morel mushroom! Did you eat it - dipped in flour and fried in REAL butter. Oh, joy! Thanks for the dream. I would love the exquisite agony of a taunting midnight Mockingbird.

Annie in Austin said...

In one long ago spring, morels appeared mysteriously in our IL garden - but never returned. I got a snapshot but it was in pre-digital days. Your photo is stunning.

I am so glad you mentioned the Mocking Bird, Rurality. Ours started around 1 AM this morning, and sang for hours. He was right outside the window and kept waking us up. Now I know this was normal, since your bird is also giving middle of the night concerts.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Floridacracker said...


Carol said...

Morels! Those bring back memories for me. If you are seeing them in Alabama, in just a few weeks we should see them in Indiana!

lime said...

gorgeous shots! a nice bit of warmth on a cold northern day, thanks!

thanks also for your visit by my place. glad you said hello so i could find you. :)

Ki said...

Morels are so delicious. I think my favorite mushroom. Reminds me of hunting for them in the Iowa woods.

TurtleHeart said...

What a beautiful morel! I haven't seen one of those since I was a kid. My aunt & uncle had a farm, and we would hunt morels and blackberries in the woods past the cornfields... Lovely photos!

KFarmer said...

I think it's wonderful that you and the hubby have cuteness together :)

Rurality said...

Thanks Anne. Good luck on the WW. That is sort of what we're doing, only not in an organized manner. It's really the "don't eat quite so much" diet.

Yep, turtle shell. I should have picked it up to look underneath buy hubby was already waiting on me and making hrumphing noises that I was taking so long.

Pablo, you are entirely too sweet. I really appreciate it.

Cathy, no, we left the morel, hoping that it would lead to more morels. I never have found more than just one at a time, so have never picked them.

Annie, I was once kept awake for several nights in a row at my Mom's house by a mocker who wanted to serenade the streetlight.

Thanks FC!

Carol, I hope you find more than we did! I was actually surprised to find any mushrooms at all though, considering how dry it's been.

Thanks Lime, we're getting a cold spell this weekend, they say. Below freezing... good thing the garden's not in yet. :)

Ki I've never tasted one, I don't think. If I ever find more than one, I will though!

Turtleheart, what I like most about them is that they would be difficult to confuse with something else.

KF, me too. :)

Jochen said...

This is a VERY neat blog!
Thanks for all the great comments you leave on mine.
Still working on the Kirtland's record for your back yard. Mind you, with today's snow storm in Michigan, it's a tough job trying to convince them of leaving the Bahamas anytime soon.

Rurality said...

Thanks Jochen. Please do send us a Kirtland's!

By the way, that mockingbird really IS singing the picki-tuck Scarlet Tanager noise over and over. So he's seen them this season, even if we haven't yet. (I'm not certain but I think they only mock what they've heard fairly recently. That's been my experience anyway. Our budgie does the same.)

Rachel said...

That morel makes my mouth water!!! They are so good. I could never find more than 2-3 of them either. Sigh.

Great photos as usual.