Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Nothing much has been happening. Work, work, work. Hot, hot, hot. Dry, dry, dry. That's about it.

We went to Mom's over the weekend. While everyone else worked on birthday-present-oddjobs, I played with my nieces.

It was of course very borrrrring for children to be stuck in a house full of old people and no computers.

My old Johnny West horses.

Ye olde styrofoam watering hole.

Elvis thought it was all very childish.


DeeMom said...

Looks like you taught your nieces the fine art of creativity…like we had as we grew up. No TV, no computer just an inventive mind. Wow good memories of how to wile away a lovely summer day.

Maybe Elvis was deafened by the silence? Cute dog!

KimberlyDi said...

I had a whole stable of plastic horses when I was a lil girl. My brother broke the tail off one of them. I was heart-broken.

Anonymous said...

your mom's birthday?

Rurality said...

DM, Elvis had just gotten shaved (more or less). I think he was cool outside when nobody else was.

Kimberly, if you look closely you'll see that the roan's tail is broken off too. I can't remember if that happened when I was little or since then.

Bill, yep, her 80th.

Bobby said...

No computers! Child cruelty.

Ha ha.

Kids should have actual toys that they can hold in their hands and be able to imagine worlds on their own - instead of what some video game programmer imagines for them.

robin andrea said...

How cool that your mom still has some of your old horses. Wonderful that you all gathered to celebrate her 80th. Hope it was a grand day for everyone.

Rurality said...

Bobby, I guess they're addictive. If I were still a kid I'd probably crave them too. Well I do love my computer Sudoku so I'm probably not one to talk.

RA, I don't think my mother ever throws anything away. :)

Stacy said...

I had all those Best of the West toys as a kid. I had my mom sell them at a garage sale when I decided I was too grown up to play with them. Stupid!

Our Elvis is a beagle/basset mix.

R.Powers said...

I had JW too!

threecollie said...

Ah, plastic horses! We have hordes of them...or should I say herds, from mine that are decades old and live in the china closet to the girls' which are newer and rest in laundry baskets or the wooden stables their dad and I build for Christmas one year.