Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow! (Part 2)

Snow in pines.

Snow in beeches.

they look like Christmas Ferns!

Rabbit trail revealed.

Snow in swampy area.

Snow in other beeches.

Snow on Rudbeckia skeletons.

The Virginia Bluebells are over there - hope they're ok.

Deer tracks in snow. I have been wanting to track wild animals in the snow ever since we moved here. Unfortunately the snow was all gone by early afternoon, and not many animals had moved around in the morning.

Duck tracks in snow. (The chickens were afraid of the snow. They refused to come out of the coop! It was hilarious.)

Mystery tracks in snow! There is my gloved finger for size comparison. Now if I could only remember where I put the tracking book.


robin andrea said...

Love the snow for revealing all those tracks. Everything is so pretty and soft when covered by that beautiful blanket of white.

Gail said...

Can you here me sighing...not about not getting snow but that it is so cold. I hope your bluebells are fine, too. The snow does look beautiful and the tracks are delightfully revealing that life is going on in the middle of this interesting weather~~gail

Pablo said...

Do you think Alabama will ever get back to normal?

mountainmelody said...


At the beginning there I thought you were going to be Dr. Seuss--Snow in pines. Snow in beeches. Snow on top of purple sneetches.

Anonymous said...

I love how your chickens reacted. Chickens have such interesting personalities. Ours, which we keep over our snowy winters, love the snow when it is new and not too cold yet. It is fun to scratch and see what is underneath to pick.

KFarmer said...

Ya'll sure got more than we did. It was very pretty as well as unusual. Dave did manage to scoop up enough to throw a snowball at me though...the stinker :)

Amy W said...

Beautiful! Hard to believe you were just taking pictures of tree blossoms...we got a few inches here in KS, but it's supposed to be 70 degrees in a couple days...

Lythrum said...

You were much more ambitious than me, I was outside for about five minutes. :)

Pamela said...


Rurality said...

Thanks everybody, I still have not figured out where I put my tracking book. Argh!