Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Chick flick

After a week, we moved the chicks to a much larger container. Wow, were they happy about that. They started a sort of fighting almost right away. I believe they are establishing pecking order.

You can see them doing it in this short video. It brings to mind that chest-bumping thing that boys do, doesn't it?!

I don't remember our previous chicks doing this when they were so young, but it's been a while, so I may be wrong.

I hope it's not just the males doing this. That would mean we have 6 or 7 males out of 8 chickens. Eep.


Please excuse the ratty-looking board the waterer is sitting on. We're recycling!


The reason we had to give so much information when buying chicks, was, I suspect, the whole NAIS thing. It's basically so the government can track livestock.

In the case of chickens, it's so that they can come kill all your chickens if the Avian flu ever hits here.


Floridacracker said...

They'll have to hunt my chickens our of the tree tops ... they've gone native!

Loved the chick pics in the previous post.

Anonymous said...

Looks a little like our house growing up. (You are the big scary one)

Rurality said...

FC, ours just go back into the coop like good little girls. :)

Andy, har-dee-har-har.

countrypeapie said...

Ours live in the treetops, too! But fortunately, we're getting some eggs in the coop. I hope you end up with some layers!

cherry said...

Too cute I turned up the volume and the chirping woke the cat up he's up here looking for them
hugs, Cherry

Rurality said...

CPP, me too. Hubby is now afraid that we've bought 8 cockerels!

Cherry, that is too funny!

Ang. said...

There has been some debate about TSC gathering information from folks buying chicks. It is not government mandated. They are doing it on their own. Not sure why but they are.

Don't you just love chicks! I have some arriving tomorrow. Yay!

lisa said...

Funny video. Maybe somebody called the other a "chicken"...or even "yellow"...hahahahahaha...oh....sorry. :)

Rurality said...

Ang, maybe they are just sucking up... it's odd though - she showed me some of the other questions on the forms and you can tell that they don't originate with TSC. Now I wonder where they came from!

Lisa, ha! I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that. :)

Wolf said...

I like so much garden and green, especially in spring. But I do not know until I saw your foto about chickens what I als absolute need in my garden hours: some hens.
A really nice foto.

A garden friend from Germany