Saturday, August 01, 2009

Search terms

Further down, there are fifteen other variations on the yellow fuzzy caterpillar theme, and even more versions with misspellings of caterpillar or yellow.

This topic came up the other night at the Blount County Blogger dinner... what is the top search term for your blog? Mine tends to vary seasonally, but year in and year out, the overall winner is always... yellow fuzzy caterpillar.

Blue snake usually comes in second.

I used to look at my stats compulsively, but these days I tend to forget for weeks at a time. So if anyone's sent me a rash of traffic, I apologize for not thanking you properly. The stats roll over after about a day, since I'm cheap and don't pay for the extended version.

We also talked about answering comments, and I admitted that I'd been kind of slack in that regard, especially lately. If I've ignored your comment, it wasn't on purpose. I just tend to put things off, or get started doing something else, and then forget. I wish there were a pill for that.


Who else was at the dinner?
Edifice Rex
The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore
and a friend who I'm trying to convince to blog.

The Country Experience couldn't make it this time, but we hope to see her next week, as well as mountainmelody and WhoKnowsWhat.


robin andrea said...

This reminds me that I have checked our stats in months. Maybe later today I'll take a peek, if I remember!

countrypeapie said...

I hadn't checked mine in a while either, but I just looked, and it seems I get hits from people looking for pictures of squash.

The yellow fuzzy caterpillar searches remind me of googling for hornworms before I knew what they were called. I tried a few different searches, but "giant green worm eating my tomatoes" pulled up the best results!

Rurality said...

Robin, stats are always good for a laugh, if nothing else. Today of course, when I was looking, there wasn't anything funny, but there usually is.

Meg, that is exactly what I was talking about! If you name the post as something people will be actually searching on, they'll find it easier.

Patsy said...

I had to check after I read this. I don't get that many hits from search words, most of mine come from links to other blogs. I did get one from bigfoot hunting in Blount County which to my knowledge I have never written about although I think I used the word bigfoot once.

LauraHinNJ said...

Rabbit poop.

People in Georgia, especially, are very interested in pictures of rabbit poop.

Cookie Jill said...

The top search I get is for people looking for Ina Garten's Flag Cake. I've been getting alot of hits lately from people looking for answers to the metalic taste in their mouth from Pine Nuts (tainted product from outside the country)

Lovely blogs y'all have. It's so odd seeing "green" in the background. Out here in Santa Bar-B-Que we are dry and tinderlike. Even our green has a brown (come burn me) tinge to it.

Ericka said...

ok, i have no clue how to even do that. how does this stat thing work?

Pamela said...

I don't check my stats any more.
When I was checking them...My favorite search came from someone wanting to know how to "make fart sounds from bird calls"

I still don't know how that found me -- (although I am a bird watcher -- and I think I posted a f@rt story once.)

Rurality said...

Patsy, I've gotten hits from that too. Must be all the woods in Blount Co.

Laura, LOL. For gardens, maybe? I've read that it's the only manure that you don't have to compost before putting on your garden.

Jill, that Pine Nut thing is terrible! I'm scared to eat them now. Yeah, we're having a much greener summer this year than last (which was more like yours, except without so many fires).

Ericka, you have to put some code on your site from one of the counters, and then you can go and see how people reach your blog. Right now I'm using StatCounter. It is really hilarious, the search terms you see sometimes.

Pamela, oh you should be so proud! ;)

mountainmelody said...

Sorry I missed it--AGAIN! Looking forward to seeing everyone this week.

Floridacracker said...

I've never checked ... have to investigate how to do this.

mountainmelody said...

Oh, I meant to mention here that my most frequent search term is "couch from Friends." Kind of random--apparently I posted a picture of that couch a few years ago when I visited LA.

It was really great to meet you and everyone tonight! Thanks so much!

william said...

There is a pill for that but you don't want to take it!

We all appreciate your blog, no need to answer every comment, at least from my point of view.


TC said...

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Thanks again. Nice blog, I will add it to my roll.

TC said...

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Vale said...

What a nice bLog do you have!! Keep writing for long!! it'always a pleasure to read your posts!

threecollie said...

Neat, I think I even landed here once looking for fuzzy yellow caterpillars....and of course from Pure Florida too.
I think mine are Reese Cates, who is a bull rider, growing lettuce indoors and foxtail ferns...

lisa said...

I think your blog is the hella BOMB, so I enjoy how ever many posts I get! Sure it's nice to get a dialog going in comments, but actual life always takes precedent over virtual...among the well-grounded, anyway! (Besides, you have fantastic soap to make!:)