Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tour of Homes

A friend and I went on the Blount County Tour of Homes. Ticket sales help fund grants and special projects for local schools.

This year, I guess they had a hard time finding people to open their houses. Out of the five "homes", one was a church, and another was a tea room.

It was fun anyway, and the refreshments at The Ruby Radish were so good that I doubt people would mind them being on the tour every year.

The photos here are all from the same house - the smallest one on the tour. (I haven't processed the other photos yet.)

I'll never live in a house this fancy, but I enjoy seeing other people's homes... their doodads, their decorations, their dishes, and so forth.

She had a large collection of nutcrackers near the fireplace.

"Nutcrackers are scary," says my husband.

Shiny festive mantel.

An abundance of matching candles.


The schools need help because Blount Countians tend to spend their money in Jefferson county, where most of them work, rather than in their home county, where their kids go to school. It's a problem.

All that lovely new paving on Hwy 75 is thanks to stimulus money, by the way, not local tax money.


Eva said...

Love the colors and the sparkle! Glad to see you back!

Floridacracker said...

Your husband is right.

Rurality said...

Thanks, Eva!

FC, that one in particular is awfully fierce.

Gail said...

I love seeing how others decorate their homes...but, I never seem to get past the where does it all go when the holiday is over question! gail

lisa said...

The decorations are lovely, but I agree with your husband about the nutcrackers...I kinda equate them with clowns~~shudder~~

karl said...

i like the twelve days of christmas china. five golden rings...

Rurality said...

Gail, ha, me too.

Lisa, somehow I never thought of them as scary before, but after he mentioned it, their expressions seem more menacing...

Karl, I liked those dishes too. It's something I'd never get any use out of, but if you entertained, they'd be great to use.