Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Who am I? Why am I here?

1. Crass commercialism.
I came across the following in a newsletter: "I have a web site, but most of my new online customers find me through my blog."

I have to admit, that's what made me want to start an online journal.

So, buy some handmade soap if it appeals to you.

2. The far-flung.
For family/friends who are far away, so they can peek in on us whenever they like.

3. Me me me.
As a record of sorts. (How long ago did we put that fence up? When did we get those Cuckoo Marans?) Plus, I just like to talk about myself.

About Kingfisher Farm.
We are located in rural Blount county, Alabama. The county seat is Oneonta, which is allegedly an Indian word meaning "place of many rocks". Between us, we have lived in several other places (10 Alabama towns, 4 states, and 4 countries) but never anywhere that allowed free range chickens.

About the subtitle:
"Tell me I haven't been walking around all day like that."
It's common for me to realize, often in the middle of the day and especially when away from home, that I still have my pants legs rolled up. Or hay stuck in my hair. Or an egg in my pocket!


Anonymous said...

Looks good, Karen. But what about me, me, me!

Rurality said...

You'll have to get your own! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought Oneonta meant, "ornery, aren't ya?" Oh well. Nice to see another Alabamian and Formula One fan blogging.

Anonymous said...

Oneonta means "end of the trail".

Rurality said...

Well it's probably the end of ours. :)

I think there are four or five different things that people say it means... I don't know how to tell for sure which is correct. Nobody ever says which Indian language the name is supposed to come from!

I have wondered if Oneonta AL and Oneonta NY have any connection, but beyond the name they don't seem to. They are even pronounced differently.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that a founding father of Oneonta AL named it that because the area reminded him of his native Oneonta NY