Monday, January 23, 2006

Ooh, nice...

I can't bring myself to type the last word of that double entendre because it would only invite more of the um, wrong element.

Like the ones who come here searching for pictures of people mooning, bigbooty, little cuties, cute chicks, etc. (Though I do admit to a sort of a perverse satisfaction in knowing that I made them look at pictures of the actual moon, Christmas trees, my cats, or chickens, respectively.)

Anyway, here's another picture from the game camera (1, 2). I had to alter this one quite a bit, since the deer was near the edge of the flash's effectiveness.

We decided to move the camera to another spot, to see if we have better luck. There was one last picture from the old location:

I have no idea who these dogs belong to, but they've obviously found a hole in the fence.

Hubby put the camera in an area where we've seen lots of scat lately (coyote mostly, I think), and aimed it down the road a bit.

As you might imagine, Jasmine ends up as the star in most of the pictures.

We're having trouble setting the camera to be as sensitive as we'd like. It sometimes fails to take a picture of us when we cross in front of it, so it must be missing animals too. It's heat-activated, so it works best in cold weather.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know what the double entendre was you had in mind, but that deer certainly has a NICE RACK!

KFarmer said...

oh my.. that was too funny! I bet the perv's had quite the show when they reached your site huh? "Oh look dear, its a deer?"

robin andrea said...

So the camera does not respond to motion? I'm surprised by that. Do you know the level of heat it does respond to? Does that mean it's not effective in summer?

Nice photo, and yes, a very nice rack!

Anonymous said...

Well, after the subject matter of my post yesterday, I'm probably going to get unwanted attention- but I was glad you came by and commented. Thanks! Now I understand the webcam thing over here. I like it! All we would get is a plethora of possums, skunks and raccoons. Handsome fellow in that photo. Maybe the dogs have designated yours as party central- they look quite relaxed.

Rachel said...

How nice to have a camera that you can take such great pictures with! Hopefully it will work better! Nice pictures!

R.Powers said...

What a set of points...reminds me of early Madonna.

Hey, Jasmine is always a good photo, but whoa...that pack of dogs looks substantial.

Rurality said...

Oh now you've done it! The comments are found by search engines too, you know!

Well now the less-than-savory internet searchers will have some nice deer to look at I guess.

RD, apparently many "motion" detector lights and such are actually heat activated. The camera manual says that the range is better in cold weather than in warm weather, but doesn't give a lot of specifics. Something like, it may detect a deer at 100 feet when it's 20F but only at 20 feet when it's 80F. So yeah, probably not many summertime pics unless the critter is pretty close.

Vicki we have since seen those dogs several times... they definitely seem to think it's party central around here.

Thanks Rachel - I think if we can ever get it situated correctly it will help.

FC you are so bad! :) Luckily those dogs are (so far) scared off by yelling "Git"!