Monday, April 03, 2006


The hepaticas have already finished flowering.

Bluebells are waning.

A few anemone groups are still hanging on.

Little umbrellas are opening all over the place.

Another umbrella.

Construction projects have begun.

There's one in every crowd.

I can't believe I missed yet another snake. This time I had the camera, but the snake was faster.


Anonymous said...

One of the things I like about your place is you are about two full zones warmer and a full month ahead of us- so I get to come here and I'm reminded, "that's right! check for this and that the other under the leaves and at the back tree line and over by the fence..."

Great post and photos. Also reminds me of when I was more actively weaving and hand dying fibers- this was the time of year to gather roots and flowers.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I guess those trillium are not yellow ones down there? I think we call the red ones up here 'wake robin'. They must have a trillium different names (ha).

doubleknot said...

Such beautiful pictures. Did I see the tail of that snake?
This is why I blog to see the beauty others have around them and that I no longer am able to get around and see. Thank you.

robin andrea said...

We're still in the daffodil and hyacinth stage of early spring here. The crocus are gone. I love the color of those bluebells.

I don't know if you ever check the blog Tortoise Trail, but Pam had a great shot of Diamondback rattler up yesterday.

MamaHen said...

Alen saw a black racer by our drive on Saturday. Said it was pretty good size. Just as well I wasn't there.

R.Powers said...

Neat. You are just far enough north to have a wildflower assortment that we don't seem to get down here.

Kay Cooke said...

I just love the little daily walks around your place that your photos give me - and that's like a miracle as I'm thousands of miles and even a few oceans away. Beautiful. Thanks.

Twinks. said...

Wow. I've never seen real bluebells before. Beautiful photos!!!

Twinks ;)

Rachel said...

Awesome pictures as usual!

You almost got that snake!! I haven't seen any snakes yet, but I did see a lizard.

Rurality said...

Vicki, I'm always shivering looking at the difference in seasons! Hope you get your spring soon. :)

Fletch, no, I haven't found any yellow trilliums here. I've tried to will them all here but it doesn't seem to be working. We do have 5 trillium varieties in Blount county though.

Doubleknot, no I think that's just grass! The snake went the other direction. It was so funny, all you could see was his little head sticking out. Unfortunately I called my hubby & tried to take the pic at the same time. When he walked over, it scared the snake before I got the shot.

RD, thanks I will check it out!

Annie, now if you tell me that you are scared of snakes it's going to blow my whole image of you, LOL.

FC, the flowers really do change depending on the geological area. I imagine you have the blue curls, which I really like!

Thanks Chiefbiscuit! My brother says this place looks better in pictures than in real life. :)

Hi Twinks, I hadn't seen them before we moved here, except maybe at the botanical gardens. I love how there is such a solid mass of them like that.

Rachel, we saw two anoles but I didn't have the camera then either. :(

Randa said...

Beautiful series of Spring photos. :) Thank you!

Rurality said...

Thanks Randa!

Marie said...

It was nice visiting you. Made me smile again.

Anonymous said...

Soo many bluebells! That is just gorgeous.