Thursday, March 22, 2007

Orange goo

Me: Did you see this wierd orange fungus stuff all over the grass?! What is it?

Hubby: Isn't it from that cedar tree right over your head?

Me: D'oh!

I shouldn't be surprised -- I have a hard enough time recognizing people when I see them out of context.* So I guess not recognizing the cedar-quince rust I wrote about last year when it was in the grass (instead of on a tree) is not so surprising.

This is near a bird feeder, so I'm not sure if the birds knocked it off, or if it just fell off.


* If I normally see Ms. XYZ only in a certain place, then I'm not guaranteed to recognize her if I see her somewhere else. For example, I might not recognize my librarian if I run into her at the grocery store. This has gotten worse since we started doing craft shows and see a LOT of people. It probably also has to do with age. (I just realized that this doesn't usually happen if I know the person's name. But since I'm so bad at remembering names that revelation is probably not going to help me much.)


If it had been cedar-apple rust (see last year's post) I think I would have remembered those alien-invasion-looking things, even in the grass!


Anonymous said...

I recently ran into my next-door neighbor at WalMart and had no idea who he was. He followed me around and kept talking to me and it finally came to me.

prairie point

Cathy said...

So it's kind of like fungus dandruff?

robin andrea said...

That's strange looking goo. I wouldn't want to stand too long under that tree.

I've lived in so many places in the past 30 years that when I see a familiar face I have no idea where I may have seen it before. I also forget names pretty quickly. Faces out of context are definitely a challenge.

Rachel said...

I haven't seen that stuff on trees! Very strange!!

amarkonmywall said...

We used to have cedar apple rust in Ann Arbor- it was VERY alien looking, esp. the way it just cropped up overnight. The penultimate slime!

Deb said...

My, you've been busy since I last checked in! It's nice to see all those woodland spring flowers.

Rurality said...

Oh I'm so glad to learn I'm not the only one who has trouble remembering names and/or people. :)

Bill I had a similar thing happen in the grocery store years ago! I kept wondering who that woman was.

Cathy, yep, an apt description!

RA, I moved away right quick. :)

Rachel, I've mainly seen it just on the cedar trees.

Vicki, yes I'm waiting for the movie any day now.

Deb I must be on a spring-cleaning of my brain, I think...

Anonymous said...

Carol: We have that orange fungus all over our cedar tree. Not really been able to find any answers of what we need to do to tree, do not want to cut down only tree left that was planted by great grandfather on our family farm. We do have crab apple and one apple tree also on farm. If anyone has any suggestions I would appricate>>>