Monday, May 21, 2007

Stop thief!

Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)

Chicken food thief!

Actually I don't begrudge the blackbirds or grackles a little chicken feed. But I have started to wonder about the possibility of melamine in the layer ration.


Anonymous said...

I have a small backyard flock, and I've also wondered about this, and not only in the chicken feed, but the hog and sheep feed as well.

Please post an update if you find out anything!


Cathy said...

Good grief. Heads should roll.

KFarmer said...

That scares me. I'm going to check the food bags for all my babies here. What are those people thinking???

KFarmer said...

PS- have the exercises helped any?

Rurality said...

It's definitely been found in some chicken and pig feed, but so far I haven't heard of it being in layer ration. But it would make sense, since LR is supposed to have a higher protein content and the melamine was allegedly added to boost protein levels. Or rather to simulate a boost, I suppose.

What were they thinking? "Gee we can add this crap and it will test as though it's protein because of the high nitrogen content. But it's cheaper than real protein so we'll make more money. And we probably won't get caught because the tests for melamine are expensive."

Or in other words, "$$$$$$$$$," which is pretty much what big corporations are thinking all the time, if you ask me.

KF, about the back exercise book - YES! It's great.

robin andrea said...

A flock of Red-winged blackbirds have taken over our feeders. They chase all the other birds away, and won't share.

Anonymous said...

I saw one of those in the marsh in Florida this week. He was too quick for me to get a photo.