Friday, August 24, 2007

I vant to be left alone

Both the Muscovy (above) and the Runner duck had to be chased off their nests. They weren't happy being forced to abandon their eggs, rotten and stinking though they were.

That poor Muscovy. She keeps trying to nest and having no luck. I think the only thing she did wrong this time was to pick the period with the record number of consecutive 100°+ days. She's not much of a weather forecaster I guess.


Friday Ark.


Rurality said...

I really wish I'd gotten the duck's eyes in better focus, by the way!

robin andrea said...

It's a great photo. Love that sweeping, feathery wing. Such a bummer about the hot weather and the toll it takes in so many ways.

lime said...

PERFECT caption to the pic!

DeeMom said...

Muscovy Ducks
They are clean, funny, friendly, and they are like innocent children playing around, and they come up to you and wag their tail like puppy dogs.
They really do TRY to talk to you and to communicate with you.

We just have one left; we call him the Senator…long story there. WE were to get 30 more but Stuff happens. I feel so sorry for the Senator; he lost his mate late winter.

This is a good site on them FYI:

Anonymous said...

But why did they have to get run off their nests? Were the eggs dead because of the heat or drought? Was it too late in the season to bring off a brood?

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all.

DM, our male muscovy is a big pain in the rear. He thinks he's my boyfriend and follows me everywhere, making that loud hissing noise at me constantly. If I ignore him too long he will peck my ankles. The female is very sweet though.

Pablo, yes the eggs were rotting. I think the heat did them in.

Cathy said...

Oh my. Those (even unfocused) eyes say it all. Man. You really do have to maintain a sense of humor when you've got livestock. (Are ducks considered 'livestock'? I'm a city girl)

R.Powers said...

Great caption and photo!
Rotten eggs ..P.U.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, but that's an eloquent pose. Half Mata Hari, half matador.