Monday, December 10, 2007

Latest game cam

We haven't had a bobcat picture in quite a while. This one seems particularly well-fed.

He probably ate all our chickens, but he sure is handsome.

Tentative fawn. Click to see the larger version... you can still see some spots on the haunch.

The fawn in the foreground is too dark and the deer in the background is too light, but I thought the focus was reasonably good on both of them.

It's gotten warm again lately, which means the animals have to be closer to the camera to trigger it. The weatherman was expecting a high of 75° yesterday, but I'm not sure it reached that here. (That would be a record high.)


Anonymous said...

What neat pictures! We are so close (NW Ga), I wonder if I could get any like that. I'm sure we could get deer (they eat our plants so I know they're there), and I know we have coyotes nearby. I saw the first bobcat I have ever seen about a year ago, although I have lived here for nearly all my let's-not-go-into-that years. My wife would be very excited to see one.

Anne-Marie said...

Oh my goodness, a bobcat on your property? Your poor chickens are probably scared to go to sleep every night. =)

Those are great photos.

Theriomorph said...

I love the game cam so much!

That bobcat - well-fed, or pregnant? Either way, stunning.

Also, I am starting to wonder what goes on between the coyotes and the foxes at the forest parties at your place. : )

Beautiful critters. Thanks for sharing these.

Anonymous said...

I have to get one of those cameras. I must be missing an awful lot at night.

Great photos, especially the bobcat.

Rurality said...

Thanks, y'all. I really do love the game camera, and wish we hadn't waited so long to get one.

Mark, ask Wayne how he's doing with his, for another opinion. I haven't seen much on his blog about it so he may not be capturing many pictures. We are at the edge of a large wooded area so there may be more wildlife here than in most places. But you could get bears there, I guess, if the habitat is right.

Anne-Marie, oh yeah, they are common around here. The hunters will tell you that there are a lot more of them than most people think, because they are active at night. And luckily for the chickens, they're in the coop at night!

Theriomorph, I wondered if it might be pregnancy too, but thought it was probably a little early for that... but you never know. I thought that over time we might get pics of baby bobcats (or coyotes), but no such luck so far.

Wren, they are so much fun! Hubby has even talked about getting a second one, believe it or not! (The newer ones have a faster trigger, apparently.)

Oh and the coyotes supposedly will not tolerate foxes in their territories. We've never seen a fox here. A man told us he'd seen one, and I was thinking that it was a man who'd done some trapping before -- someone who ought to know. But Hubby reminded me that it was someone else. So he may have just seen one of those reddish coyotes and thought it was a fox.

By the way, you can go to the Cuddeback site and see lots more pictures that customers have sent in.

mon@rch said...

I love your critter cam and this year I really need to get one for myself! The bobcat shot is stunning for sure! BRAVO!

Turtleheart said...

Always love seeing what's on the game cam! Dang, that is a pretty robust looking bobcat; someone's GOT to be missing their pets, chickens, and perhaps a small child or two...

anne said...

Such gorgeous photos! I have to say, I'm envious of your cam, and the wildlife that you get! That bobcat shot is particularly awesome. Such a beautiful animal - and so rarely seen. Yay for you! And the coyote? Lovely, handsome critter! And the deer? So sweet! Love the residual spots!

I just adore your photos. Thank you so much for sharing them.

robin andrea said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I was hoping for a peek at a bobcat. Now that we are in California, we just aren't seeing them out our backdoor anymore. Okay, we are seeing dolphins right out the window, but no coyotes either. I will say this, our cat seems way more relaxed around here. We think he is enjoying life without the scent of predator in the air all the time. Great game cam shots, karen.

Ewa said...

great pictures :) bobcat in the garden? OMG! I think I am not ready to move further from the city :)
Thanks for sharing :)
Do you mind if I link you on my blog?
Greetings from my garden in Poland,

R.Powers said...

Plush bobcat!
I'm partial to the more canine coyote character.

RE: your question about the previous pine forest at Pure Florida. It was long enough ago that I would assume it was second growth timber in a natural stand vs. planted pines.

Great game shots as usual!

KFarmer said...

Excellent shots!

On another note, I was in town yesterday and the temp was 79~ this is crazy weather we're having but I'm not complaining. Beats the heck out of 42 below :) Are you going to watch the fire works tonight?

Rurality said...

Tom, it is a lot of fun. I'm so glad we got it.

Turtlehert, yeah I've noticed the local rabbit population dwindling, for sure! Luckily there are a bunch of them.

Anne, thanks, Yes there is something so sweet about those spots. Makes me want to run out to a petting zoo, LOL.

Robin, I know what you mean, I always thought your bobcat looked more relaxed too. More laid-back!

Ewa, well the camera is a bit away from the house, but if it weren't for the dog they might come closer I guess. Oh I love links, feel free. I need to update mine pretty badly!

FC, I like both - I guess it's more exciting to get a bobcat since we see the coyotes more often. I keep hearing people say they've seen mountain lions, but we've never gotten a pic.

KF, yeah it was that hot here too this week. Been cloudy though - no fireworks for me unfortunately.

John B. said...

Ooh, a bobcat. Great picture of it!

sweetpea said...

love the game cam. What kinda of cam. do you have? It is great to see anything remotely green this time of year. Really! keep up the great pics!

Shelly from Michigan.

Trailhead said...

All right, I am SO jealous of your game cam. I got one for my place in Montana, but I've not been there long enough since I got it to capture anything good. But I'll definitely be trying again over Christmas.

That bobcat!

Rurality said...

John, yeah this camera does a pretty good job. Sometimes I have to lighten or darken and I almost always crop, but other than that there's not a lot of fiddling that I do with the pictures.

Sweetpea, it's a Cuddeback 3.0. It's nice one, we love it!

Trailhead, be sure to let me know how it works out!

Dallas Meow said...

what's awesome-est is that unlike folks around here, you aren't in a panic to have them all killed.

cyndy said...

Your game cam is the best thing!

Nice looking bob cat--I lost a hen or two this fall to a bob cat, and saw him/her stalking them while they were in the run. I was only 5 feet away from it ...beautiful creatures!

SantaBarbarian said...

thought of you and your "game cam" when I saw this YouTube video!

lisa said...

Great shots as always!

Lynne said...

Those are great photos. Can you tell us what type/model of camera you use? Thanks

Rurality said...

Dallas, no, although we might not mind if there weren't *quite* so many coyotes!

Cyndy, wow, I've never seen one other than on the game cam. Hubby saw one on a dreary day once, but it ran away quickly.

Jill, I doubt we'll be getting any of those here in the near future LOL.

Thanks Lisa.

Lynne, it's a Cuddeback Expert 3.0.