Friday, March 21, 2008

Turkey trot time-lapse

11:06 (advance scout)




11:16 (always a straggler)

Hubby moved the game camera a little closer to the watering-hole action. Unfortunately the sun from this angle is going to be a little harsh - sorry about that.

The Game cam is set to take a picture every minute when the IR is triggered. (Don't know why it didn't take one at 11:07.) I wish it would cycle faster than that, but it's primarily made for deer hunters and I suppose they aren't as interested in multiple pictures of the same animal as I am.

Wild turkey, Meleagris gallopavo.


For more wild critter action at our place, click on the game cam label just below.

And don't forget to visit the Friday Ark.


robin andrea said...

The Wild Turkey is really quite a beautiful bird. Nice time lapse you there.

Anonymous said...

Gobble Gobble! Love the pictures you capture with this critter cam! I really need to get one of these!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Lovely photos. We have the turkeys but not the game cam. Sigh!

sugarcreekfarm said...

I think turkeys are my absolute favorite wild bird!

Anonymous said...

I have my game camera set to take three rapid shots in a row, then recycle after a minute. I think I will change that. The three shots in a row don't seem to provide much in the way of interest.

If I ever get any good at this game camera thing, I may step up to a better resolution device. That's a big if, though.

KFarmer said...

Wonderful :)

threecollie said...

Your turkeys look very different from ours...ours are more grey and puffier. Nice photos!

Rurality said...

RA, I'm really surprised we don't hear them more than we do. This game cam position is really not all that far from the house.

Tom, yes you definitely do! We really love our Cuddeback.

OW, thanks! If it weren't for the game cam, I'd have no idea that they were in these areas and not just way up in the woods.

Kelli, I know what you mean. It's hard not to grin ear to ear whenever I see them.

Pablo, I wish ours would take 3 shots like that - it won't. I've been slobbering over that $1000 one but that looks like a longshot at this point!

KF, ain't it?! I'm so glad they're here. :)

3C, that's interesting! Some birds fluff their feathers when they're cold so I imagine turkeys might too... 'cause I know it's colder there than here! On some pics we get, they seem more colorful than others. Not sure why though.

lisa said...

Aren't turkeys fun? Before I moved up here, the only turkeys I knew about were the ones you eat in November, and this was the only "turkey trot" I'd ever heard of. :)