Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anatoli the Anole

My husband rescued a baby Carolina Anole (Anolis carolinensis, a.k.a. Green Anole) from certain death. He recovered nicely, and is now living in Geckie's old cage.

He's much more swift and agile than Geckie, and unlike a leopard gecko, he can cling to the glass sides of the aquarium.

We named him Anatoli. Yes, that's Anatoli the Anole, in keeping with our ludicrously juvenile reptile-naming scheme.


See FC's recent post on Mood Lizards for a great series of pictures of a Green Anole changing colors.


sugarcreekfarm said...

Such a handsome guy! My son loves reptiles. I'm just waiting for the day he asks for one for a pet.

We have the same naming system around here..."Miss Silkie Chicken", "Mr. Bull". Broiler chickens are the exception I guess. All 150 of them are named "Fred".

DeeMom said...

How wonderful and the NAME love it

robin andrea said...

How beautiful anatoli the anole is. We have weird naming schemes here. We go by personality-- hence we've had Blanche Dubois the neurotic violet green swallow, Ms. Steinem the lone, feminist mallard, and Belushi the erratic run-in-circles Douglas Squirrel.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Rurality,

Anoles were cage-pets in the north when our kids were young, called American chameleons by the pet stores. In the 1970's I remember one getting out and turning just blue enough to hide on the deep turquoise curtains... I don't remember what my sons called them, but a grandchild has a lizard named 'Liz' and it may be genetic.

I was so pleased to see anoles already present at this house.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

Love the name! We have several who reside in the greenhouse as part of our all-natural insect control system, but I've been happy to see them all over the deck and yard this year-quite a few little ones, too. I love to watch anoles with dewlap fully out and bright red! Annie in Austin's comment reminded me that I had a pet anole as a child- named him Einstein. I'm ashamed to admit that he spent a lot on time on a string, pinned to my shirt, but one day he manged to escape. Weeks later, we found his petrified remains under the couch and afforded him a proper burial.

Annie in Austin said...

You might find this amusing, Rurality. Every evening I check my daybook to see if it's anyone's birthday or anniversary, etc. The daybook design is based on people in literature.
Well, guess what - April 16, 1844 is the birthday of Anatole France. I know little about him but liked this quote:

"If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing."


Anonymous said...

I didn't know an anole could have a near-death experience. So much I learn when I come to this blog.

Rurality said...

Kelli, ha! When we had lots of chickens, they were all named just "chicken" unless they had some unusual identifying feature. Hubby always ended up naming the roosters though.

DM, it all came from my niece, who named all her pets that way. Now I can't help it, those type names just jump in my head. :)

Robin, too funny! We used to name all our pond fish that way, at our old house. We had Groucho, Goofy, Remington Steele, etc. My favorite was Immaculate Cloud, but sadly he didn't last long.

Annie, oh "Liz" is a great one! Too funny about Anatole France. That is one of my favorite quotes!

Grace, yeah I'm afraid if he ever jumps out, he'll be a goner. He'd be impossible to catch.

Pablo, oh yeah. I just hope he doesn't suffer through the trauma every night in his dreams... I imagine that they have short memories and just get on with life, though.

Janet said...

An excellent photo of your rescue!

R.Powers said...

He's beautiful! Glad you liked the delta anole antics at PF.

lisa said...

He's cute! If you decide to provide him house mates, just be careful not to get too many males....they're very territorial and will murder each other until there's an acceptable ratio. (Learned the hard way, it was like the Alamo....*sigh* :( BTW, I had two iguanas named Fred, and 7 hamsters named Charles (Charles II, Charles III, etc.) They just kept escaping and drowning in the sump pump (my mom made me keep them in the basement.) Finally a luggage padlock ended that.

Pamela said...

what was that near death experience?

Kerri Farley said...

Oh he is so HANDSOME! Glad your hubby rescued him!