Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rush hour in Blount county

Cute little guy, but he wouldn't let us anywhere near him. A little girl was making friends by throwing something edible at him, so we left them to it.

That is a belt around his neck, which I did think was a little strange.


Updated: After a few emails, I can see that it is not obvious for people with those nifty little lightweight, but tiny-screened, laptops. That is a GOAT in the road!

By the way, you can always click on any of the pictures to make them larger.


NCmountainwoman said...

He is cute! The belt is a puzzlement. If it were meant to restrain him, you would have thought he would have slipped out of it.

Tracy said...

I just had to comment on your blog, I'm happy to have found another Alabama blogger. I myself am in Lamar Co. Alabama. I'll tell you how I happened upon your page, I did a search for chicken snakes and happen to see the post of your's from way back in 2005 I think it was about the snake in the chicken house. Well, yesterday we saw a 6 ft long chicken snake, he went in our chicken pen and we could never find him. Then late yesterday evening I had my husband walking down the dirt road behind our house to get blackberries and what do you know, there was a big rattlesnake laying in the road, ughhh! My husband took care of him with a hoe.....also while out doing yard work today he saw the big chicken snake again and took care of him with a gun. Ohhhhhhh don't you just hate snakes! haha...
Also, about chickens, we have Maran chickens, I ordered them from Ideal Poultry last spring, they have been such great layers and we have had them sitting like crazy since the beginning of spring. Wish you lived closer I would share give you a few hens if you wanted them. We're gonna be over run with chickens at this rate! haha ...
Take care and I'm gonna add your page to my favorites so I can check in often.

Cara said...

Perhaps the goat is a pet? The people who bought our farm had a pet goat; they got it when it was very small, and kept it in the house until they decided that was NOT a good idea! LOL

The belt on its neck could have been part of lead, not sure.

The little goat those people had, it was SO sweet. Wanted to sit in the lady's lap, and she did indeed have it on a lead. She said her small dog aggravated it sometimes in the house, and the goat would "butt" the dog's head! Ouch!

That's a cute goat though, probably got loose by mistake. Hope it found its way home.

mountainmelody said...

This is great!
Whenever I see more than one other car on the road, I figure it's "rush hour" for the mountain. ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! Our Rush Hour critters seem to be White-tailed Deer! Thanks for the smile!

Pamela said...

probably a prince some witch turned into a goat... thus the belt.

Did you try kissing it? ha ha ha ha

KFarmer said...

I don't see very well, even with glasses, but I thought that was the strangest dog I've even seen~ lol!

Rurality said...

NCMW, I think someone just put an old belt around his neck and tied that to something else... and that something else broke or was chewed through.

Tracy, hi! Actually I like the snakes (when they're outside), but of course we don't like them in the chicken coop! We got our Marans from Ideal too. None of ours ever wanted to sit, though.

CS, I did hear the goat about a week ago and wondered who it belonged to. A lot of our neighbors are Hispanic and they do butcher goats from time to time, though this one seems a little old for that I think.

MM, it seems like everytime I go over your mountain, there's always some car following impatiently behind me. I want to jump out and ask them how they ever expect to spot the cow with the heart on her side if they are driving so fast. :)

Tom, I think our deer stay in the woods until it gets dusk, and then they spring out to stand in the road. Argh.

Pamela, no!!! Couldn't catch him, anyway. :)

KF, yup, he does make a really strange dog LOL.

Anonymous said...

That's a milch goat! Wonder where she belongs.

Hey Tracy - good thing you guys like rats so much. Keep up the good work killing those pesky snakes.