Sunday, February 28, 2010

Work, work, work

During a previous set-up at Cottontails

My first spring craft show will be Cottontails next weekend.

I'll be in normal chicken-with-head-cut-off running around mode this next week, working on all those last-minute things that I think will take 10 minutes and invariably end up taking 3 hours.

So, of course it is the perfect time to start a new project! A page on Facebook for the soap biz.

Come be my fan. See behind the soapmaking scenes. Get special deals on my handmade soap and other lovelies. Help me expand my "fan base" beyond just relatives who owe me money.

I'll endeavor to be at least 50% less annoying than a telemarketer, and I promise never to call during dinner.


Not calling during dinner offer does not apply to relatives.


My booth at Cottontails will be Azalea 1202. Come see me!


Shannon said...

I'm a fan! Before I even saw this post,because I saw that my Mom was a fan!

SantaBarbarian said...

I will become a Fan! You betcha! (as my Finnish relatives in Michigan would say)

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all!

lisa said...

Done! I have a friend who likes "Soaptopia" products and he sent me some. I found their stuff to be very drying to my skin as compared to YOUR awesome soaps-and I told him so! Now he can click on the FB link to try some GOOD soaps! :)

elizabeth said...

How is it that I live in Birmingham, yet have never heard of this event! I am definitely coming! And I need some homemade soap!!! Yippee!

Rurality said...

Thanks, Lisa! :)

Elizabeth, I look forward to seeing you there! Make sure to tell me who you are.

countrypeapie said...

total fan ~ hope you had a great show!