Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moon corona

The moon corona from New Year's Eve. (Note also the moonlight-induced lens flare at lower right.)

Birmingham TV news stations were reportedly flooded with calls (from people who apparently only go outside at night to watch fireworks) asking, "What is that strange thing going on with the moon?!"

It was an interesting sunset that evening too -- I'll post those pics soon.


happy and blue 2 said...

I think the moon flair is really an alien space craft..
Where there any reports of anal probing..

vicki said...

The moon- and corresponding tides-have been extreme this past week. Making it all the more fun to be outside.

cookie jill said...

Could put that to a sort of rhymes with Sharona.

Dave said...

"What is that strange thing going on with the moon?!"
Goo lord, people are ignorant!

Once years ago, i was watching a TV talkshow where, during the opening patter, the sidekick told the host with some amazement that he had seen the moon out during the day. The host was incredulous.

Haven't watched many talk shows since.

PBS said...

Beautiful! The kids came back and were talking about it. I stayed in NY Eve. Yesterday a co-worker came in from outdoors and was going on and on about how the moom was "straight up in the sky" I had to just nod. I couldn't say a word.

Rurality said...

H&B2, the paper only comes out once a week here so I'll have to wait a while to let you know. ;)

Vicki don't rub it in that you can see the tides nowdays! :) We used to go birdwatching at Dauphin Island a lot, so now whenever I hear low tide mentioned it makes me want to head out looking for shorebirds.

Jill that comment should have come with a spew alert!

Dave, yeah it started me thinking that even someone with a good science education might not learn these things if they never went outside. (The moon during the day thing is really too much though!)

PBS we stayed in too really... can't see any fireworks from here, although we can hear them. Somewhere near here some really huge fireworks are going off I suppose... we can hear the whoomph of the thing sending them up into the air a lot louder than the actual explosion that they make. (Every year I think it's thunder at first.) Anyway when we heard the weatherman talking about the calls on the news, I went out and took a few pictures.

Ki said...

Outstanding photo of the moon!

earlysnowdrop said...

Was it a very cold and humid night? Awesome pic.

Rurality said...

Thanks Ki!

CG, yep! It was foggy and cold. But not below freezing... at ground level anyway.