Saturday, June 23, 2007

Doctor Mower

Hubby's new toy mower (a.k.a. tax refund).

It's a DR mower, but he insists that it prefers to be called "Doctor Mower".

He calls this "the Rosetta Stone of Mower Instructions."




karl said...

rosetta stone, i laughed out loud and had to catch myself for fear of waking the rest of the household. how does it handle buck-brush?

Rurality said...

It was pretty funny how many languages were represented there. The book is huge but is really only about 4 pages long!

We don't have buck brush here but he says on larger things it just knocks them down... little things it cuts to pieces. He just got it so he's still playing.

DeeMom said...

Nice machine
So pretty
Can you adjust the handles, like say for a woman to operate it?

Rurality said...

Deemom, he says it is almost too much for him, but that one of their lesser-horsepower models would probably work for someone smaller. (This one is 13HP.) They are self-propelled but you still have to wrestle with them somewhat when turning.

Floridacracker said...

Oh man I have lusted after one of these for some time.

Now I have even mow envy than before.

pablo said...

Can I borrow it?

Blade or string?

South of the Gnat Line said...

The DR line of everything is something to lust for.......oooh, we need one of those - we have too many places in our wooded area that prevent the tractor and bushhoog to get to.......keep us posted on his "playtime adventures"...heh, heh.

....and people say women have accessories - hah!

have a great week,

Rainypete said...

Those things are unstoppable vegetation thrashing machines. Enjoy!

edifice rex said...

Somehow Allen is not not near as fascinated with ours as I wish he were. And what do ya'll mean, "adjust so a woman can use it" and this "less horsepower" crap? Are you girly-girls going to have to come work with me for awhile to get over that kind of thinking? ;)

Anne-Marie said...

Those instructions were insane! I know what you mean about the toy comment though! My husband loves things with motors as well and I think that he actually enjoys mowing the lawn on the riding lawn mower!

Rurality said...

FC we had a larger than expected tax refund, therefore 1) mower that he'd been wanting, and 2) camera I haven't decided on yet.

Pablo, sure! Blade. He has the string one too though.

SOTGL, yep I think he'd have one of each of those DRs if money were no object.

RP, a virtual mechanical goat! :)

Annie, ha! I knew you would say that. You did notice how I said "someone smaller" and not "a woman" though. Really I do worry somewhat about hubby wrestling it around, since his back isn't what it used to be.

AM, I think the louder it is, the better it is for them too. :)

Shady Gardener said...

My husband has had one for years. It's self-propelled and it mows down everything in its path. (Perhaps the limit is a full-grown tree! ha) He spends hours behind the machine cutting all manner of vegetation throughout prairie and woodland areas where he manages and plants saplings, etc.

meresy_g said...

Fancy. And I would call it Doctor Mower too. My husband would love it. But we don't really have unruly brush. We do however have a diagreeable, NYT stealing neighbor with professionally installed landscaping.

KFarmer said...

OMGosh! Looks like the De-Lux model! He will love, love, love that thing! (mine is attached to my hip and I tripple dog dare anyone to crank it but me!) Please tell the hubby congrats on his new toy errrr machine! :)

Faith said...

I love that your husband says that the mower insists on being called Dr. Mower. Next thing you know the mower is going to want a new 42" tv and an array of new power tools.