Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Exit strategies

Last year I finally figured out that these were cicada exit holes. (I had mentally accused my husband... Derp.)

This was roughly the same spot where Jasmine discovered a digging armadillo at exactly 3:30 this morning. After the excitement was over, she was extremely messy but very proud of herself. Ick, but cleanup will have to wait til hubby gets home. The last time I tried washing her by myself (after the cow poop incident) it was... disagreeable.

But the extra-fun part was afterwards. We headed back to bed, only to find the bedroom door locked. Or actually, broken. A strict parakeet-protecting closed-door policy made me shut it on the way out.

Force of habit. I was still half asleep. Not my fault it decided to break, anyway. Sadly, the person who closed the door for no apparent reason usually gets the blame in these situations.

Luckily though, hubby excels at middle-of-the-night repairs.


KFarmer said...

A handy man is good to have on most occasions... :)

Do ya'll have the armadillo problem too? Those things are getting to be a nightmare here :(

Rurality said...

Yes they are really just starting to get bad here. They haven't gotten into the garden so far, but I've heard several people complaining about them digging up their yards and flower beds.

Wayne said...

So that's what they are. Thanks for the explanation! We're not in the mass emergence region, so far as I know, but we have some of those non-cyclic cicadas every year. I'm not in the group of "kill them now so they won't appear again". I love hearing and seeing them.

Armadillos made their first appearance on our property in December 2005. Now, when I walk the woods, I see vast areas of litter disturbed from digging and scrounging. I'm bemused - it certainly is a huge change in what's going on on the ground. I wonder how that's going to affect, well, just about everything?

Oh - and btw - men and women who can fix anything both fascinate me and affix my admiration. I try to be like them but I'm afraid I'm a mechanical moron.

Rurality said...

Wayne, me too. My problem is that I get very frustrated with things like that very quickly. I probably would have taken the doorknob off and then ended up yelling curse words at it. ;)

I read one place that armadillos can have an effect on ground-nesting birds, but around here they'd probably have to get in line for that.

Rurality said...

I forgot to say, I have wondered if they compete with skunks. There seems to have been a decline in skunks but I'm not sure why.

BTW I saw a dead armadillo on the road in Tuscaloosa as far back as 1977 or 1978. I saw them dead here on the road for a LONG time before ever seeing a live one, or evidence that one had been here.

vicki said...

I'm fairly certain you must have seen this: www.bio.indiana.edu/~hangarterlab/broodx/broodxmovies/NSFmovie.htm

It's quite wonderful. So, now I'm curious about what happened to the armadillo- or maybe I don't want to know? Sounds like a long night. Rather a short night. Either way- hope you have caught up on your sleep.