Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lazy game cam

The game cam is triggered by heat, so when the air is warm there's not much action. These photos are from the last two months.

We thought this was a fox at first, but it's a reddish coyote instead. Here's how you tell the difference: Foxes have black "leggings" and ear tips, and white tips on their tails.1

Other than bobcats, I think turkeys are my favorite game cam find. We get most pictures of them on dark cloudy days.

I love this photo of their tailfeathers! I'm always excited to find turkey feathers on the ground, but finding them still attached to the turkey is even better.

The weeds might be getting too tall for good critter pictures.

It looks like this deer has a tick in her ear.

The weeds are definitely getting too tall for good critter pictures.

Extreme close-up... the deer can evidently hear the trigger mechanism, and are more curious than you'd think.

Dang. The only spotted fawn game-cam picture ever, and he's already exited the frame.

Not-so-wild Deere and Bush Hog.

1You can look at the Red Fox wiki if you don't believe me.


Carolyn H said...

I love your game cam photos. I've been tempted to get one of those things myself, but have done so yet. This may just spur me to try it. Great coyote photo!

Carolyn H.

Eva said...

Great photos! I really like seeing wild turkeys too.

Tim said...

Great shots! What gamecam are you using?


Rurality said...

Thanks y'all. Tim, it's a Cuddeback from a couple of years ago... I think the number was 3.0. They are even better nowdays!

SegoLily said...

Great wildlife shots! I want one of those cameras - they're brilliant!!

pablo said...

It could be an ear stud. I've seen lotsa people with them.

How many pix do you have to sort through to get these? Is it hundreds to one?

robin andrea said...

Those turkey shots are great! So is the reddish coyote pic. What a beauty. I read the other day that coyotes and wolves have been interbreeding in the east (from Minnesota south and east of the Mississippi) making for a larger coyote, capable of bringing down a deer. Different from the smaller coyotes from the desert southwest.

lisa said...

Great shots! I just love it when you post these!

Floridacracker said...

Well, if it's Wiki it must be true.

Do you have red wolves in AL?

Jochen said...

Neat, indeed!
Very nice post and quite a picture of a Coyote!

kris said...

Very cool - I like the turkeys best - and the last photo, of course! :)

Anonymous said...
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Theriomorph said...

Wow. Um, okay, anonymous.

Chris sent me over - I LOVE the game cam shots! What a lovely blog, too. Thanks.

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all! I really think the game cam is one of the best investments we've made here.

And thanks Theriomorph for alerting me to that anonymous spammy comment, which hadn't been emailed to me, since it was so full of spammy spam I guess.

Pablo, no, it hasn't been catching that many. I will try to do a post on that. I was hoping for hundreds of shots when we first installed it, but no such luck.

FC, nope, no wolves in Alabama. We do have bears, but not here. Only in the delta, I think.

I keep hoping (and not) that the game cam will catch a pic of a mountain lion. People keep reporting seeing one, but nobody's ever gotten a photo. If there is one, I want a picture of it. On the other hand I'd rather not have to worry about a mountian lion jumping on me when I'm in the woods.