Friday, December 14, 2007

Foggy bottom

The sun is a boor
who seines the slithery mist
then throws it away.


Kerri said...

Oh My....I do like Foggy Weather! Great Shot....and love the verse!

KFarmer said...

Very pretty. You have so much fun with your cameras and it shows :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photograph - as always.

On another note, I was wondering if you could offer an opinion on the role of your local veterinarian in the care of the poultry or other livestock that you raise. There is more information in my most recent post, and I would really appreciate it if you would stop on by and give it a read-through.

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all. It was difficult to get a shot of the fog -- a lot harder than I would have thought! It looked so pretty when the sun was shining through it, but none of those turned out at all.

Thanks Casey, I'll visit!

Bobby said...

Sometimes I just don't want the sun around.

DeeMom said...

I lost your Blog site

The picture is beautiful

glad I located you again