Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dried hydrangea

Dried Oak-leaf hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia.

It's the official state wildflower of Alabama. I'm not sure why we have official state plants, animals, and so forth. I'm almost positive that we don't really need an official state barbeque championship, or an official state horseshoe tournament.

Our state quilt is kind of pretty, though.


I had planned to be showing you scenes of our snow men, beautiful flakes falling, etc. We'd been practically promised 1 - 4 inches by daybreak. But we got skunked. Again.

(That's 2.5 - 10 cm of snow. That we didn't get.)


mountainmelody said...

I've about decided that it will never really snow here.

So I travel to other places when I can, to see some actual snow.

Maybe next year.

Bobby said...

You should get a snow machine!

swamp4me said...

We were supposed to get snow, too. At first they predicted 1 to 3 inches, then upped it to 2 to 4. Bah! We got about 1/2 inch and it fell at night!!!! One of the great things about a snow storm is watching the snow actually fall. I feel so cheated... Got any cheese? It'd go really well with my whine :)

edifice rex said...

Yeah, I was so excited at the prospect of waking up in my new house to look out and see a glorious snowfall...and then (as Yukon Cornelius would say), Nuttin'!

Rurality said...

MM, it's been sooooo long. It used to snow almost every year -- an inch or two at least. Hasn't happened like that in the last 10 - 15 years though.

Bobby, I guess we'll have to if we ever hope to see snow here again!

Swampy, you still got more than us!

Annie, yep... whole lotta nuthin'.

Actually it has snowed here a little... it just hasn't stuck.

lisa said...

Okay, since you are so cool, I'll be happy to send you some of my snow! I'll even split it with does 15" deep sound? ;-)