Saturday, January 05, 2008

First game camera of 2008

No matter which way we point the game cam, we always seem to capture mostly... southbound views of northbound animals.

Well maybe not mostly, but well over half, definitely.

I'm not sure why it happens that way.

This seems like a different bobcat, don't you think? (The first one looks heavier.)

At least two other blogger friends have told me they got game cameras for Christmas, so I'm anxiously awaiting their first pictures.


Our game camera is a Cuddeback Expert 3.0. We bought it from Boss Buck. Neither of them gave us anything for free, which is a crying shame, really, considering how much free publicity I've doled out.

I wasn't wild about Boss Buck's skimpy degree of packaging protection. But the camera got here in good condition anyway.

Wayne got the "No Flash" version of this camera, but I'm not sure that he's entirely pleased with it. I believe I remember him saying that he'd get the regular (flash) version if he had it to do over again.

If you're considering buying one, definitely check out the Cuddeback gallery to see which pictures you like best. Many videos are there too, but we've never been able to get the video function to work to our satisfaction.


KFarmer said...

You would think they would throw in a little something wouldn't you? Stingy rascals...

I love the Bob pictures :) I've seen them down at the river, but never one around here. I guess we are getting a little too crouded for critters :(

robin andrea said...

I always love when you post bobcat pics. I miss seeing them. My twin brother in Santa Cruz told me that he saw two bobcats the other day in the Santa Cruz mountains. When Roger and I get back there, we're going to get hike the hills and take a look around. We've been doing a lot of beach walking, no bobcats but plenty of sea otters!

mon@rch said...

might be the angle that you captured the bobcat! Anyways, I love your shots and if I was to get one, it would be with a flash! Infrared is for those that don't want people or any animals to know they are watching.

threecollie said...

I'm glad I happened to stop by from Pure Florida today! I wrote all that down as our son and I have been thinking about giving this a try. Thanks for the info.

Floridacracker said...

I checked out my first 14 photos with the Wildview camera that Santa sent me.
2 of my pants leg.
2 of a bright flare as if the flash were close to something.
10 of empty forest scenes.

Rurality said...

KF, yeah it's disappointing! No freebies for me. I've never actually seen a bobcat -- just pics on the game cam. Hubby says he saw one once here though.

RA, I miss your bobcat pics too! Yours sure was a lot friendlier, coming out in the daytime.

Tom, yeah could be. But we've had a few shots of both of them together so I know there is more than one. I'm thinking they're male & female.

3C, you can't go wrong with this camera. It's pricy compared to some, but to me it's worth it.

FC, maybe you're not holding your tongue just right??? Don't know. On ours you can adjust the sensitivity, and we did have to play with that a little. If you are getting lots of pics with nothing in them, your trigger lapse is probably too long. Can you adjust that? Ours is set on the shortest time, which is still too long for my taste: 1 second. (The newer model has a .75 second trigger time.)

Kerri said...

I love seeing the pics your game camera gets for you. Very neat!

Anonymous said...

Back in Chicago I could keep track of the alley rats with one of those. Sigh. I LOVE the bobcats; I think you're right, two different cats. Perhaps the first one is pregnant.
I love your new Christmas weather station, BTW. You have good toys.

Anonymous said...

P.S. FC's wildlife is up in the tree.

lisa said...

It's just so cool to see what goes on after dark...I really enjoy sharing my property (and the earth) with all these other creatures!

Rurality said...

Thanks Kerri! I only wish there were a way to check them remotely, so we wouldn't have to get our scent around the camera.

Vicki, we love the weather station... it's something we would've bought for ourselves if we hadn't gotten it for a gift.

Lisa, yep. You wouldn't believe how furtively I used to creep into the kitchen every morning, trying to spot something outside the window before turning on the light! Never saw anything that way. :)