Monday, May 12, 2008

Acoustic Cafe

Some friends and I were treated to a tour of the Acoustic Cafe Amphitheater, which is situated on an rocky mountain near Hayden.

You know Steve Masterson must be a nice guy, when you learn that he puts on a music festival that's located, more or less, in his yard. I haven't been to the festival yet, but it sounds like good music and a lot of fun. (Check it out at the link above - it's string music that draws people from across the country on Memorial Day weekend.)

Buster, who loves to walk.

Wild Four-O-Clocks, Mirabilis nyctaginea.

I kept thinking that some of the rocks looked like bald heads covered with green toupées. This one even had a nose and ears.

Indian Pink, Spigelia marilandica.

Skull tree.

Delphinium alabamicum
Alabama Larkspur, (Delphinium alabamicum), and a cat whose name should probably be Groucho.

The other very beautiful, but very shy, dog.

Left, Purple Cliff-brake, (Pellaea atropurpurea).
Right, Yellow Passionflower, (Passiflora lutea).


Ragwort, aka Butterweed, (Packera sp., aka Senecio).

Four-leaved Milkweed, (Asclepias quadrifolia).

Solomon's Seal, (Polygonatum commutatum).

Heavy metal cricket.

Carolina Spiny-pod, Matelea carolinensis. Aka Carolina Anglepod or Carolina Milkvine.

More good rocks.

Nettleleaf Sage, Salvia urticifolia.

Whiteflower leafcup, Polymnia canadensis. Grows right on top of the rocks.


robin andrea said...

All of these fantastic photos were taken in one place? That's grand. I love the Groucho cat and the very beautiful shy dog. All the flowers are lovely.

Jenn said...

Beautiful place. Great photos!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great shots. It must have been a really fun day.

Anonymous said...

The photos are amazing! A skull tree and a heavy metal cricket are particulary interesting. I wonder, what story lays beneath these things.

Pamela said...

I'd love to go looking for wildflowers with you.
The rock face intrigued me. I often see faces in the weirdest places.

Rurality said...

Robin, yep, all there at the Acoustic Cafe. The whole place is about 40 acres or more, but we only covered a portion of it.

Jenn, thanks, it is really a special place.

NCW, thanks, it was!

Aluajala, not sure on the cricket. Steve said a different skull just appears every night... heh. ;)

Pamela, they have the best rocks there!

KFarmer said...

I'm so glad you shared~ I've always called the Indian Pinks Indian Paintbrush and I'd forgotten their real name :)Mine are up and looking lovely.

The 4 o'clocks have yet to bloom but I am anticipating their sweet smell. It reminds me of summer :)

roosterhen said...

Great pics, as usual! How do you score all these neat private tours??? I've wanted to go to the festival for years, but have never been. It's just up the road apiece from where we stomp around in Hayden.

mountainmelody said...

Fun! I've wanted to go there before, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Maktaaq said...

That skull tree, so very original Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

And that second dog - swoon! - what a handsome lug!

Rurality said...

KF, that's what someone had told Steve they were called. But the real Indian Paintbrush is a western flower.

Grace, it helps to have friends who aren't embarrassed to just call up people they don't know and ask, "Can we come over?" :)

Maktaaq, cool huh?! I liked both dogs, but neither wanted to be petted. The cats did though!

Maktaaq said...

After you mentioned the cats, I went back and had a look. The black and white cat has a very Hitleresque moustache!

Rurality said...

No, no, it's Grouchoesque! He's got the eyebrows too, you just can't see them for that black cap. ;)

lisa said...

What a fun place! I just love the big assortment of wildflowers...I could walk around there all day. The skull tree is pretty cool, especially for Halloween.