Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Special care

My sister's miniature rose.

My sister, demonstrating the special care needed for the rose (nothing).


I can't remember if she didn't know the name, or if I just forgot to ask. Maybe she will email or comment and let me know.


vicki said...

I'm a strong believer in the strength of benign neglect. Works well with gardens, aging cats and children, too. Let's hear it for passive love.

lisa said...

That's my kind of rose! Pretty big for a miniature...proof that plants would rather be left to their own devices (99% of the time).

NCmountainwoman said...

What a lovely rose. I love plants that don't need a lot of care, especially if they have such nice blossoms.

Anne-Marie said...

BEAUTIFUL! How lucky your sister is to have such low maintenance little roses. If only I had a green thumb:)

Shellmo said...

Nice roses - looks like something I could manage!

Liz said...

It may be 'the fairy rose' I have one in our garden, but the roses are a lighter pink. Hope this helps a bit :o)

Rurality said...

Vicki, me too!

Lisa, if it's a plant of mine, it had better thrive on neglect. :)

NCMW, yeah I was surprised that this one was so easy.

Anne-Marie, my thumb is kind of brown. ;) I do have some Knockout roses that are very care-free.

Shellmo, yeah I know the feeling. :)

Liz, thanks, still haven't heard back from my sister so you may be right! Thanks.

Mouse said...

I adore rose but object to the work required to nurture them
As Vikki says, benign neglect save for here in rural France where snails are rampant and obviously not consumed in sufficient quantities!

Rurality said...

Mouse, that's one reason I love the Knockout roses so much... no trouble!