Thursday, November 27, 2008


We take a break from regular blogging, to bring you this blatant ad:

Here is a coupon code you can use online, if you'd like to order some soap:
10109081199 .

It's 10% off, good through the end of the year. Shipping is $5.95 per address, no matter how much you buy.

The site is here.

It could use some major updating, I know! It should look all spiffy with lots more pictures and fading-in-and-out doodads, but to be honest, I haven't changed it much since I started it 10 years ago. I need to either learn all the new html, or break down and pay someone else to do it for me. On the bright side, the site is written so simply that probably still works on the Dark Ages version of Windows.

Anyway. I hate it when I read a blog that makes me feel like a crumb if I don't buy something the owner is selling, or make a monetary contribution to their tip jar or some such. So I hope this doesn't seem like a high-pressure sales job. I love you whether you buy soap or not!

Do feel free to pass the code along, if you know anyone you think may be interested - it's not limited to the blog.

Now, I have to go get ready to overeat all day. Happy Thanksgiving!


Updated -
We are through with craft shows for the year, but here are the places you can buy the soap locally:
The Eureka Shop, Oneonta (next to Regions Bank)
The Golden Temple (Five Points South location), Birmingham
Bowie's Pharmacy, Curry/Jasper
Gower Paints Plus, Ohatchee
The Rural Heritage Center, Thomaston

These stores may or may not still have the soap-
Hospital Gift Shop, Oneonta
The Garden Shop, Homewood


countrypeapie said...

The soap/chicken exchange was a great idea, but I am willing to trade in cash as well! I'm trying to buy all of my Christmas presents locally this year. I got my mom a basket from Ave Maria Grotto because she's converting to Catholicism. (I don't know why. Not that there's anything wrong with Catholicism. Well.)

Anyhoo, I'm wondering if you're going to be selling at any shows before Christmas? If it's too late for that, then perhaps I could email you off-blog to try to set something up. No need in adding to the postman's holiday bag when we're not so far away.

Happy Thanksgiving!

robin andrea said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Rurality said...

CPP, we are through with shows for this year, but you can either buy the soap at the shops I just listed in the update, or I can meet you - let me know. Or maybe we should try to arrange a Blount county bloggers meetup! :)

RA, thanks, same to you!

countrypeapie said...

Perfect -- thanks for the update, and for the kind words about our missing dog on my blog. My husband goes to Golden Temple quite a bit (he makes all sorts of crazy concoctions; alfalfa seems to be the main ingredient these days), so we'll either stock up on soap there or we'll check out one of the other places. But a Blount County bloggers meetup sounds really cool regardless of where we find your soap!

karl said...

we just made soap this past weekend--eucalyptus. i wish we could afford lavender essential oil. tabitha's friend visited last summer and showed us all of her secrets--she sells soap too. our soap turned out fabulously. with the price of essential oils it is a wonder a person can make any money making soap. with this recent success under our belt we might try to make tallow soap next time.

do you sell at war-eagle? our next door neighbors are potters and were there this year.

Tamar Orvell said...

I'm thrilled you're back posting great copy and pics! You were missed and even worried about... as my nervous email to your this summer said.

I'm THANKFUL for your return... and thankful that you are a practical businessperson. Coupons are useful so no apologies needed.

Gail said...

HMM...I will be by to look at the goods on your website! Gail

Maktaaq said...

But you don't ship to Canada?

Rurality said...

Karl, I think War Eagle is the one that only lets in vendors from that area. (The Ozarks, maybe?) But in any case we don't do a lot of long-distance travelling for shows, since hubby still works a regular job, and I don't care to go by myself. Some online soap supply vendors I like are: Rainbow Meadow, Brambleberry, and Snowdrift Farms.

Thanks Tamar and Gail!

Maktaaq, I do, but it's just difficult trying to set up shipping charges for all different countries, so I say "email first" so people can find out the shipping charges before actually ordering. Plus, there are some countries I can't ship to because of high fraud or postal restrictions, etc. But Canada isn't one of them. :) Actually, if anyone from another country wants to go ahead and order, do so, and then I'll email with the shipping charges to see if you want to complete the order.

Anonymous said...

Here's a testimonial: Karen's soaps are wonderful, and we use them exclusively. My spouse channels his inner hippie with Patchouli, and I wouldn't even consider cooking without Amazing Kitchen Soap at the sink. For the past few years, I've even bought bars of Natural Impulse soap for stocking stuffers, and the recipients love them as much as we do. So, try them already!

Rurality said...

Ha! Thanks Anonymous, I know who you are from your choices, I think. You need to come see us at a show again sometime. :)

lisa said...

I'm here to attest to the high-quality and great smelling soaps that you make-they're awesome! (This is an unsolicited endorsement folks! :)