Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soap meeting

I always have so much fun at our Alabama Soapmaker meetings, and this was our largest ever: 101 attendees. At least a third of them were from out of state this year. There were so many new people that I didn't get to meet them all.

To inspire creativity, we participate in swaps. This year I signed up for the lotion bar swap, figuring that it would force me to work on my formulating. (I've made them before, but hadn't really ever been happy with them.)

Mine was still a bit greasier than what I was aiming for, but it sure worked well on softening my rough elbows. So I called it "Elbow Grease". It still needs some tinkering.

After I see all the swap goodies, I usually end up wishing I'd entered two or three more. This year it was the Shampoo Bar swap that I was especially envious of. Dianne always has such adorable packaging, and her treatment of the swap items was no different.

Cute, huh?

Shopping is one of my favorite parts of the meeting, and this year we had more vendors than ever.

This is one of those times I wish for smell-o-vision.

We also have table space for members' garage-sale items. If you're lucky, you can pay for your meeting expenses this way.

We usually have a mixture of lectures and demonstrations. Carol demonstrated her company's cutter, and Darlene (who's really from Georgia, but we claim her as an honorary Alabamian) showed us how to make sugarcube scrubbies.

There's a camera showing the up-close action during demos. This is Alison's lotion-making class. (Click to enlarge.)

But sometimes you just have to get up close in person.

Theda showed us how to make liquid soap.

Tammy is the "Mud Queen" and sells all manner of Dead Sea salts and mud products. Here she is demonstrating the proper use of gloves and goggles.

That evening, she had a mud party in her room, and I was able to take many incriminating photographs.

I'm hoping my blackmail money will start arriving any minute now.


egassner said...

Wow! Looks like you had fun...I would love to attend an all 'Soapy' meeting...but alas, I have little ones. lol!
Good luck with the black mail $$! Hehe

Becca's Dirt said...

That is so cool. Sounds and looks like a lot of fun. You should rack up on the blackmail money.

W. Latane Barton said...

Toooo fun. And, yes, you could blackmail really, really easy with those photos.

Pablo said...

Looks like good stuff. You might look into swap-bot.com if you're interested in swapping soaps with folks.

Gail said...

Having just come back from a long weekend with bloggers, I know the value of hanging out with folks of like mind and interest...the Soap meeting sounds like a lot of fun. Energizing and rejuvenating! The mud party looked like fun! gail

countrypeapie said...

Lotion bars? Sugarcube scrubbies? MUD PARTIES??? Sign me up!!!

Floridacracker said...

So this is what the squeaky clean do when no one is looking.

Cookie Jill said...

LOVE the masks! Too fun!

Thought of you actually on my trip up to Cambria. I enjoy stopping into Lucia Apothecary when I am up there and getting a hand sugar scrub and buying a soap (or two).


Rurality said...

Egassner, oh, you should find a babysitter and come sometime! It is so much fun.

Becca, for some reason they are late in sending it...

WLB, you would think, huh?

Pablo, I've heard of that, but it's usually all I can do to participate once a year. :)

Gail, these meetings always seem to wake up my creativity.

Meg, oh yeah, it's addictive! You're welcome to come next year. :)

FC, lol, yup.

Thanks Jill, I'll check it out!

Cookie Jill said...

I think the cost of living is, well, a tad bit higher in California than Alabama...hence the "sticker shock" ;-)

but it's good stuff!