Monday, June 01, 2009


The Blount county bloggers met at Annie's over the weekend! Her job may be a pain, but it has made Annie Linda-Hamilton-buff.

I'm so jealous. I'd do anything to look like Annie. (Except eat well and get a lot of exercise.) If I'm found dead next week, it'll be due to Annie killing me for showing this. But the light was so nice, I couldn't resist.

Also present were CPP and TCE. We should have taken a pic of all our feet together or something, but of course I had that idea on the way home. Maybe next time, when I hope that MM can join us too.

These photos were all taken on our "weed walk" at Annie's place.

Pink phlox. I can't provide scientific names for most plants blooming after April, since they all seem to have 50 look-alikes that vary only in the slightest details.

Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele) on Blanket Flower.

Whorled loosestrife (Lysimachia quadrifolia).

Collection of colored glass from Arkansas.

Sensitive fern (Onoclea sensibilis).

Mexican Hat. This and the Blanket flower aren't natives here, but are good plants for butterflies and quail. Update: I think I was wrong about them not being natives.

One of the skullcaps, possibly Hairy skullcap (Scutellaria elliptica).

A daylily I can't remember the name of.

Possibly a summer bluet? I'm not familiar with this plant and can't find a picture that matches well.

A fern I couldn't identify.

The lovely Lika.

The lovely Grendel.

Thanks for having us over, Annie! It was great to meet you, TCE and CPP!


Kim said...

Nice post - great humor and photos! I'd like to be buff like that, too, but I'm with you. No can do if it requires exercise and eating right.

Rurality said...

Thanks Kim!

I think I may be wrong about the Mexican Hat not being native here. I'm just not sure if it's native or naturalized.

robin andrea said...

Wonderful look at the beautiful flowers there. Love that fritillary. What a stunning butterfly.

I can do the eating right part, but real exercise that's not hiking or walking? No way.

Floridacracker said...

You got to meet Annie! Envy! ... that would be like meeting you, but you've already done that ...

Pretty sweet bicep for anybody, male or female.

Rurality said...

RA, that fritillary was so cooperative, unlike the dancing damselflies I tried for... they wouldn't stay still.

FC, ha! Actually, I already knew Annie. We met a few years ago. She carried my soap in her shop! I have to tell you, she is even more amazing in real life than on her blog. :)

Pablo said...

Lika has gotten so big.

(Rurality, it's been nice knowing you.)

Island Rider said...

So, the next time we come to Birmingham, can I party with you all instead of sitting on a bench while my husband drools over the motorcycles at Barber Motorsports? Sounds like a great time. I'm jealous.

mountainmelody said...

Wow! Great photos of what I'm sure was even a greater excursion. I hate I missed it for sure! Next time...

edifice rex said...

I laughed so hard when I saw this! I was wondering why my site hits were through the roof this afternoon! then I saw they were coming from here! what a hoot! and no, I don't mind the photo but it must be known, I don't exercise! whiskey and carrying those men at work is what builds your arms like that! lol!
Seriously, those are very kind comments. I was very glad to have ya'll. We gotta do it again when we can cook out and such.
And yeah, IR, come on! We'll have a blast.

countrypeapie said...

Oh, honey -- you don't want to see my feet!

LOVE the shot of Annie's arm. And I can't believe that butterfly was vogueing it up for you so nicely.

It was really wonderful to finally meet you and TCE, and to see Annie again. Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Gail said...

Wow! Those are Linda H biceps! Rurality your garden flowers look wonderful...I love the Mexican hat and must add that to the ever growing list! Gail

Rurality said...

Pablo, yes he has! But I think he looks a little bigger in that photo than he did in real life. (I think she's gonna let me live.)

IR, sure, we'll send my husband with him to drool over the cycles. :)

MM, we definitely need you there next time!

Annie, I think I'd hurt my back if I tried to carry any men, lol. That was fun, we need to do it again, definitely.

CPP, the light was nice on that, huh? I wish all butterflies were that cooperative. He did a complete 180 just to make the picture nice!

Gail, well they were Annie's not mine, but I agree they are nice plants! She planted the Blanket flower & Mexican hat (they were in a mix), and the rest were just growing in the woods.

Elisa said...

Very nice article! I love your stories and of course the pictures!

jenn said...

You are so LUCKY!

Annie's house fascinates me. I'd love to have a do-it-yourself house, but I'm outstandingly lazy. Sigh.

You two should talk business! Ceramics and soap are a time-honored combination.

lisa said...

I had muscles almost that nice whan I used to bale hay (and before I began enjoying beer regularly). Too bad it takes all that annoying exercise to have a great body! :) The wildflowers are beautiful, along with the pets.

Rurality said...

Thanks, Elisa!

Jenn, I know, I know. :) I have been trying to talk her into making shaving mugs for me, but she's just too busy lately.

Lisa, annoying exercise - I agree with that!