Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Break

It was warm! It was dry! Very unusual for our winter this year. I was afraid we'd missed the bluebells coming up, since last year by this time they'd been budding for at least a week.

There was no sign of bluebells at all, though; not a single leaf was sprouting. It's been cold. Unceasingly, mind-numbingly, give-no-quarter cold.

We did find a few little decumbent trilliums poking up (Trillium decumbens).

There were very few of them. These individuals were on one of the warmer, sunnier slopes. I thought I heard one of them sqeak, "First!"

A single budding Toothwort was nearby.

I was sure we'd find a few Hepatica blooming, but we had to be satisfied with their lovely leaves.

We grilled some salmon, took a nap, went on this little hike, then lounged in the sun. It was nearly 70°F (21°C). It's been so cold and wet and dreary lately. It was wonderful to have a break from all that, even if it was just for one weekend.

We cleaned up in the garden a little, pulling dry vines off their supports. This had been maddening, gloppy work when they were wet. We didn't even care that we were probably popping off dozens of morning glory seeds straight into the garden soil. There are hundreds of them there already. No, probably more like thousands. They were in this dirt when it was brought in. Every spring, we pluck the sprouts with zeal, but by summer's end the morning glories have always won the battle. But on a weekend like this, we just didn't care.


robin andrea said...

So glad to read that you had a beautiful weekend. Days like that in winter make the wait for spring bearable.

troutbirder said...

So glad someone is seeing the first signs of spring. For us... at least another month away.

Pablo said...

It's good to see that spring has remember the northern hemisphere. Maybe it will creep as far north as Missouri soon.

I'm envious of your weekend. I spent the whole time indoors, avoiding the falling ice and snow.

~Tonia said...

70*?? Wow I was excited about 48*!! We do have Daffodils getting ready to bloom though!

Matti said...

Spring has sprung. I can appreciate that battle against pulling old dead weeds/ plants and dealing with the seeds they spread. Either way, great to be outside. Matti

Rurality said...

It didn't last long... it rained overnight and was cloudy all day. It'll be better in a few weeks, I hope.

Floridacracker said...

This weekend was a wonderful break from that mind numbing cold here too!

Today turned grey, rainy, and cooler so here we go again.

Shannon said...

Perhaps the warm glow from a glorious day in the garden will keep us warm 'til the next warm snap. Soon, I'm sure, we'll be swooning in the oppressive heat and dreaming of snow.

lisa said...

Thanks for the glimpse of spring, my spring is still under snow...not that I mind, really. :)