Monday, September 25, 2006

Birthday snake

He was still a young rat snake (Pantherophis obsoleta spiloides).

But was relocated away from the chickens, just in case.

Hubby's birthday snake.


If you missed the one from last year, check these pages -- he was much more exciting!
First encounter.


Sabine said...

Oh dear! You have THAT in your garden? I know it is stupid but snakes is where my love for all animals ends. And yes, this mild phobia is entirely based on prejudice as I have never actually met one outside a zoo.

Ericka said...

ooh, pretty snake. and those close-ups from the other snake are amazing!

my parents were biology majors in college, and i've spent my entire life surrounded by an interesting assortment of critters, so i'm not sure how people can be scared of such a beautiful and interesting creature. *sigh* it makes me sad.

thanks for sharing pictures of your latest snakey friend. (does jasmine still have the "snake! it's a snake!" bark? lady got used to 'em and just ignored them after a while.)

Anonymous said...

That would be an interesting thing to find around the house. Worst we generally have to worry about where I live is finding black widows.

On a couple occasions I did wander through parts of California occupied by rattlesnakes though. Very interesting when you're hiking along and a rattle starts going.

R.Powers said...

What was the stick for?


Rainypete said...

Nice snake. He wasn't into the duck eggs like the last one was he?

Jenn said...

Snakes are endlessly fascinating. Up here in Michigan, we only have the one venomous snake, and it's a shy thing.

Mostly I see garter snakes in my yard.

Lené Gary said...

Great looking snake. We rarely meet snakes in Vermont, but whenever we do, it's a thrill.

Rurality said...

Sabine, he was actually just outside the door! The first sight of a snake will usually make me jump a bit, but there are lots of non-poisonous beneficial ones here.

Ericka, Jasmine was not too interested in this one. But she has been so excited about the cool-down in the weather that she can hardly think of anything else. :)

James, we have rattlesnakes here too, but haven't seen any yet on this place. (Had two near our old house in the suburbs!)

FC, he looked like he might be a little bitey. :)

Rainypete, well not yet! I'm hoping he'll stay relocated.

Jenn, we have several venomous ones here: copperhead, water moccasin, rattlesnakes (a few different types), and coral snakes. I've never seen a coral snake though. The rat snakes are what we run across most often though.

Lene, as long as they're non-venomous, I'm pleased to meet them! For the poisonous ones, I'd rather admire them from a distance for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, nice snake! Such a sharp dresser!

Sabine, my Shep is a good snake to get over phobias with. He's a nice size and cuddly and rather shy; once he warms up to you and unrolls*, he's relaxing company.

(*Ball python; google 'em. They roll up in a ball defensively.)

And happy birthday to Ru's DH!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your DH!

What a cool snake. We had rat snakes and also small constrictors (about 2-1/2 ft long) in our high school biology classroom. I was in the geek science classes and we were allowed to take them out and "play" with them whenever we wanted. Few things are as fascinating as feeling a young constrictor squeeze lightly around your wrist... their soft, silky "skin" is amazing.

Ontario Wanderer said...

I think I am glad that I have a January birthday. Not that I have anything against snakes but I don't really want one for my birthday. On the other hand we do have interesting snowsnake competitions near here. Maybe I can get some photos this year?

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

What a beautiful snake. I wonder if there's some way I can introduce snakes into my yard ... my neighbor's yards ... my neighborhood ...

"I was in the geek science classes and we were allowed to take them out and "play" with them whenever we wanted." - BlackSwamp Girl

BSG - We weren't lab partners in our previous lives, were we?!

Marci said...

I am glad he was in your yard and not mine. You are very brave.

Belle said...

Loved your snake pictures. How interesting. I checked out the older ones too.