Thursday, September 14, 2006



I changed the name of this post (from "Dewy") after Wayne pointed out that it's not dew in the photo, but guttation. Which is waaaay cooler than dew! (I'd wondered why there was just moisture on the edges.)

There was a chill in the air this morning. First time in ages.

I have a lot on my "to do" list.

And yet I still can't stop watching OK GO on treadmills.

If you have trouble watching videos on the internet because of a slow connection, try this trick: Hit play, then mute your sound. Switch over to another web page, or email, or go make some pasta. Come back later, when it it has finished. Hit play again and it should be viewable without all the jerks and starts. It works for me, anyway.


Ericka said...

neat pattern of droplets!

i am also fascinated with ok go. i saw an interview with the lead (?) singer, and his sister choreographed - and filmed - the video. super low budget, and i am mezmerized by it. so you aren't alone. :-)

Carol Michel said...

It's funny how the "to do" list goes out the window when you get on the Internet!

Pretty picture of dew on the leaves.

Bill said...

It was even chilly out here in West Texas this morning.

Anonymous said...

Cool video. And cool weather you are having too..

Rainypete said...

That's hilarious! That's exactly what I do for videos that are all herky-jerky. As for ok go, addictive.....totally addictive.

Lacy said...

love ok go- glad to see a video out of them! "chilly" here in Dallas too- it's like a breath of fresh air! Can almost feel fall...!

Anonymous said...

Dew, nothing, that's *guttation"!

We've got great cool nights now and undercover cats. They burrow under the covers and as far as I'm concerned that means it's getting to be autumn.

Rurality said...

Hey thanks Wayne! I did an update and noted the guttation. I think I'd read about that before, but of course promptly forgot all about it.

Well I'm both glad that some of you already like OK Go. Also glad that I'm not the last one on the planet to view this video. :) The first time I saw it, there had been 3 million viewings... now there have been more than 6 million.

It's getting into the 50s tonight. Yay!

Earth Girl said...

Guttation! I learned something new and way cool. Can't wait to throw that term around tomorrow at work with the site's naturalist.

Anonymous said...


I can't tell you how many times I've walked out into a cool moist morning and looked at plants and sung out (sang out?) "GUTTATION"! It's really a beautiful phenomenon, this root pressure that squeezes water up through the plant and out through spaces around the edges of leaves.

I'm beginning to recognize here, and you probably are too, lovely warm dry days of the autumn, and then as the nights get cooler and cooler the humidity increases until there's tons of water all over everything in the morning. Another indicator of change!

Dave said...

That's a completely new word and phenomenon for me - easily the most significant thing I've learned from the Internet today. (I mean, really, who cares what Bush said to Congress?) Thanks, Wayne!

Anonymous said...

Weirdly fascinating video. So creative.

You can also hit pause and go on to other things, then come back. You'll see a download bar continue out to the right. Sometimes you can let it download about halfway, then press play-- your watching icon never catches up with the downloading bar.

Hope that makes sense. Anyway, just thought you'd like to try that.

Rurality said...

Thanks! I did try it - works great.

Well their creative choreography and brilliant marketing strategy worked on me... I've ordered the CD, and didn't let the fact that I'm old enough to be their mother stop me at all.

I forgot to mention the fact that the lead singer is not the one doing the lip synch in the video.