Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Frog sounds

Sounds from the frog pond on the neighbor's property. (Sorry I don't know how to make just a sound file.)

There are at least three types of frogs and/or toads I think, but Bullfrog is the only one I'm sure of.

The picture I accidentally made with streetlights:

A red satellite passed before the big dipper, but the current camera was not good enough to capture that.


KFarmer said...

The froggies sound like they went a courtin :)

I love pictures like that- It looks look like two angels dancing :)

Linda said...

Great posts recently. When I have time I want to find out how to post sound files. Yours works, though.

Anonymous said...

I believe I hear American toads there, and gray treefrogs.

I like the night photo. I bet I could tell you what the satellite was if I knew the time of observation!

meresy_g said...

Oh how lucky you are to hear that! Last year when we drove to North Carolina, we drove through a tropical storm. We take two days to go down (cause we have the dogs) and stay overnight on the eastern shore of Virgina. The area around the hotel was partially flooded and there were frogs and toads everywhere! The noise in the evening was incredible and so wonderfully loud! I opened the windows of our hotel room and just listened to it for ever (thankfully the cable was off, so no tv). When I took the dogs out one last time before bed, a man in the parking lot commented on how loud the 'ducks' were and wondered why he couldn't see any. Ha.

Ava said...

Love the frogs!

Have a great weekend!

DeeMom said...

I LOVE frogs! Way back, as they say, I was into frogs…Still have this cast iron frog door stop my parents got me a long time ago.
When I was still teaching my students knew what I liked, so I have MANY frogs of different styles. I could even go so far as saying frogs are RIBBITING. J

Even had African Dwarf frogs in a gold fish bowl. I named the first set Griffin and Sabine An Extraordinary Correspondence
by Nick Bantock.

R.Powers said...

Our frogs are happy today. Lots of good rain.
Cool wooshy night shot.

kris said...

Fun - we mainly hear frogs and toads in the spring - matin' time, I suppose. I like the streetlight photos - cool.

lisa said...

Nice froggies! I like the "accidental photo" too...sometimes we get great shots without even trying!

Anonymous said...

My, my, that sounds like home. Now I know why I was attracted to the princely frog who convinced me to live in a bigger pond with less wild life. I miss it.