Friday, August 26, 2005


It's hard to fix a clock with a cat trying to supervise.

In other repair work news, vehicle #1 has been in the shop for several days. Is this the busy season for car repairs? They might be able to get to it by Saturday. Early estimate, $795. Especially ouchy when there's still one broken-down truck to go.

"Still better than car payments every month," is the mantra I keep repeating.

When looking for pictures of the furniture last week (still for sale, by the way), I came across this picture of myself taken about 20 years ago.

I need some major restoration as well.

For people who've known me only in the past 10 years or so, it will be a shock to discover that I was ever this skinny. I can hardly believe it myself.

Between then and now I've quit smoking. Several times. I can't recall what year it was the first time I quit, but it was during the month of February. I remember that because I ate an entire box of the just-arrived Girl Scout cookies that first smokeless day. It's been all downhill from there.

Although I doubt I'll ever be this skinny again, I could definitely be in much better shape. I need to get to work on that. I'd be embarrassed to post a present-day picture of myself because I've gained SO much weight.

By the way, the cat in the second picture was Chester, a.k.a. the best cat ever.


pablo said...

Do you mean to say that you're supposed to have a reason to eat a whole box of Girl Scout cookies?

Hick said...

Oh my gosh! I think I have found my twin. Although, I would probably be considered the evil one. Heh!

I never seriously took up smoking and I quit social smoking the day I found out I was pregnant with my first. I was lucky. I never took it up again. But, 20 years ago I was much, much thinner...what happened to me? Sigh.

By the way...I have that same clock. My grandparents got it as a wedding gift when they were married around 1924. I have it now and I love it.

Sharfa said...

I've said the same thing so many times over the past couple weeks. Looking through the pictures albums for PICs of my Grandfather - I have come across many from my younger, thinner days.

It has inspired a challenge between me and my girlfriend. I'm going to get back in shape, no matter what. No better time to try the patch back on and quit smoking too. I'm going to need the lung power for all that cardio I will be doing.

Jean said...

Well, I don't think middle-aged women were ever meant to be the same size and shape as young women, and I always think others look just fine the way they are, in fact I have a definitely partiality to substantial flesh, it's only me who is too large (and I entirely see the flaw in that). However, if you do want to get into a bit better shape, I cannot recommend the South Beach Diet too highly - it's just healthy sensible eating, really, after the first two weeks when you eat nothing sweet or starchy at all to stop you craving it (and gosh, this really does seem to work, and I have a very, very sweet tooth). I've lost about 12 pounds and most of my disproportionately protruding tummy in 6 weeks, fairly painlessly, and hope I can keep it up for a while, though I've no desire to reach what seems to be regarded as my 'ideal weight'.

Chris Clarke said...

Not that you asked for my opinion... but it looks like you and I were both too thin twenty years ago.

It looked way better on you than it did on me - understatement of the year! - but still. I'm glad to hear there's more to you these days.

catherine said...

I have a photo of me when I looked really good, on the front of my refrigerator, thinking (obviously not) that it would help me avoid overeating. Does it? No, just makes me feel guilty every time I open the door.

And by the way, what a great idea for a cat toy, an open clock. All those moving and sounding parts. But would have to be careful about swallowing same parts, just as with kids. My Witch had a rubberbandectomy when she was young and it was no fun for either of us.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

It breaks my heart every time I read when someone laments their weight. There are so many reasons why women's bodies store fat. There are so many ways to put weight on, and so many unsuccessful ways to take it off.
Health is one important consideration about weight, all the rest is marketing. I weigh almost exactly what I did in high school. I know I am lucky, yet my self-image says I am fat. Why? Because I see myself in the same world with everyone else, and the images that I am bombarded with shred my self-esteem. Stick thin, silicone injected women are marketed as the ideal.
I know from your writing, and how you see the world that you are beautiful. And that's enough for me.

NoIvory said...

Kickboxing- When I couldn't see my toes anymore I saved to buy five lessons with a trainer, here in NYC. I'd never had a trainer before. At first he helped motivate me, he listened to my complaints, my excuses, and finally I started listening to him. I jumped rope for the first time! I feel better about myself than I have since I was 12, playing soccer with the neighborhood boys. And I can see my toes. Good luck. Sometimes we need somebody to cheer us along...

Jenn said...

Not smoking is such a good thing, tho...

I've watched way too many people suffer the complications of smoking, cancer, chronic bronchitys... the list is endless.

So glad you quit successfuly. Many never manage to.

Floridacracker said...

Wow, that cat is so intense. Very focused. My dog gets that way when I wave a dog bone back and forth in front of his nose.
I noticed that cig in the pic before I read your post and I instantly started composing a You Need To Stop Smoking message, but was relieved to see that you had already kicked the habit.

"Best Cat Ever" must have been pretty special since you have a number of them now. I hope you had lots of time with him.

I think what Rexroth's Daughter said is so true. I can't improve on it so I'll stop here.

KFarmer said...

Great pictures- You have always had a fluffy ball of love or three hanging around your feet huh?

I am sure you are lovely just the way you are, inside and out. I'll go even further and say that I bet you smell good too! : )

Rurality said...

Pablo, I believe it's generally considered unhealthy to eat an entire box in one day (by yourself)!

Hick hubby researched the clock a little, and found that it was only made for about 10 years. He got it from his father's family, but hasn't been able to fix it yet - I think he needs a part. My grandfather had a similar one. Apparently they were very affordable so were fairly common.

Sharfa, the patch worked great for me! I used the one that steps down the dose over time.

Jean I've heard of South Beach but haven't looked into it. Sweet and starchy foods are my faves! :(

Chris it's funny, I ate whatever I wanted back then... I just didn't want much!

Catherine, I tried the photo on the fridge thing for a while too. I guess I thought I was looking in the mirror and just kept on going LOL.

RD you're a sweetie! I keep hearing about thin people who look in the mirror and think they are too heavy... I think I have the opposite problem. In my mind I still think I'm skinny and can eat whatever I like! I'm always surprised when I look in the mirror and see that overweight person. I think I would feel a lot better if I lost some weight. I have gotten into the "unhealthy" area of weight gain.

Noivory I think my hubby might get nervous if I took up kickboxing!

Jenn you are exactly right, the smoking is worse than the weight gain. But of course it's no excuse. :)

FC before I smoked I could never smell smoke on people, but now I do, all the time!

I really haven't had that many cats! I just had Chester a long time - 15 years or so. He was great. He never jumped up on the counters, and didn't scratch the sofa (much).

KF the smelling part is right, for sure! I'm my best product tester. :)

Chris Clarke said...

With regard to the clock: My Dad restores those things for fun. He's probably got tons of old parts catalogues lying around, and could tell you exactly where to get what you need to fix the thing. Let me know by email if you want to be put in touch with him.

Clare said...


I like you just the way you are, how ever that is. Especially the no smoking part.

Interesting about the clocks. I have a very similar one, which also was my Grandparents, a wedding gift from when they were married in the 20's

happyandblue2 said...

I'm sure you are still beautiful extra pounds and all..

Watchmania said...

R., you're one of my most favourite bloggers no matter what. I love reading your blog.

Seems to me that your weight is only something to be concerned about if you feel it's causing, or may start to cause you, health problems. I find that the boingy Dobe ensures I stay fit. So ... ditch those exercise bikes and get a Dobe!

(Jasmine's frowning at me, isn't she? I can feel that Pyr frown all the way across the ocean ... "A Dobermann?!!! I, Jasmine, shall EAT the Dobermann ...")

Anonymous said...

Here's the well researched news flash: I've looked in caskets, skinny people die too.

swamp4me said...

Hey! I had that same shirt :) It's probably still in my closet.