Monday, August 08, 2005

Snake, it's a snake!

Art Lad, the talented 6-year old son of Magazine Man, started a blog recently. The post that started it all is here. (It's great, go read it!)

"I need to find that picture of the Copperhead that I took last year," I told my husband. "I'm going to make a post about how much Art Lad likes snakes, and send some people over to see his new blog."

Only I couldn't find the picture. I'd evidently put it somewhere really good. I just wasn't sure where. Dagnabit.

In between picture searches, I happened to look at my blog's statistics page. My traffic had exploded! Wait, they're all coming from... Art Lad???

Turns out he'd been mentioned on BoingBoing, one of the oldest and most popular blogs on the internet. He was getting thousands of hits, and since he'd linked to me I was basking in the reflective glow.

So, it's not like he needs the exposure now, but go visit Art Lad anyway.

Oh yeah, I still can't find the Copperhead pic. But here's a couple of Black Racers we saw yesterday.

Hubby found this one, curled up off the path.

His close-up.

I found the second one.

OK, I almost stepped on him.

He seemed darker than the first one.

I believe they are both Northern Black Racers, Coluber constrictor constrictor. Despite the name, it's not a constrictor!

The second one slithered away so fast that I was reminded how they got the name Racer.


Edited to add:

Thanks to commenters Jenn and Ron, who pointed out that the first snake is probably about to shed its skin! Besides the lighter color, the milky eye is apparently also a clue.


Johnny C. said...

The first one looks kind of like a girl I dated once.

happyandblue2 said...

I checked out the kids blog. It's actually good.
You sure have a lot of freaky wildlife where you live..

Jenn said...

The first one might be lighter because it's getting ready to molt (shed it's skin) - note the milky eye, that's an indicator, too.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

You do get some great wildlife. Hope you find the picture of the copperhead. I'd love to see that, too.
I checked out ArtLad. Wow. Quite a talented little boy. Pretty impressive.

Anonymous said...

Could you speak to the snake?

Ron Sullivan said...

Mmmmmmm, lovely snakes. Lucky you!

I'd agree that the top one looks ready to molt.

Floridacracker said...

One of the coolest snake things I have seen is the slithery, courtship of black racer pairs. They are so graceful together and seem to flow across the ground as if a braided rope had suddenly come to life. They really are beautiful snakes.

Art Lad said...

WHOA! Those are great! Thank you! Do they bite?

Rurality said...

Johnny I hope your love life has since improved. :)

H&B2, I especially like the way he describes his artistic process... like lying on the floor and imagining what it would look like if a T-Rex was coming to eat you!

Thanks Jenn & Ron, I had no idea. Makes sense though... our pet gecko gets the same way just before she sheds.

RD the hard part this time of year is getting out in the heat to see it. I'm getting to be an old fogey who likes air conditioning too much. :)

Anonymous - I can't believe I didn't even think to try my Parseltongue! What was I thinking.

FC, I love how smooth they look. Apparently the Black Rat Snake looks similar, but it's not as smooth since it has the keels on its scales.

Glad you like them, Thomas! If I ever find that Copperhead picture I'll post it too. The Black Racers do bite, but only if you try to pick them up or if they are cornered. Normally they will just race away. They are VERY fast. (I'm glad they are running away and and not towards me at that speed!)

izchan said...

I will go postal if I find a snake so near where I live.

I am like indy on this ... I AM SERIOUS ... if I see a snake, it would most probably end up dead and in a pot being stewed just to be sure it is dead.

and ART LAD RULES ... :)
My Idol's son is so talented.

Maktaaq said...

Art Lad is wonderful!

e said...

I have a picture of a rather inert-looking copperhead you can have if you like. It was just sitting by the side of the trail in Shenandoah National Park last year.

Wayne said...

Great Black Racer pics, Karen. They are indeed sleek and speedy-looking, as FC says.

Did they rear up at you or just take off in the opposite direction? Honey, looks like you got pretty close!

Rurality said...

Izchan, it could be worse... I once knew a girl who could not even stand to look at a picture of a snake!

Maktaaq, he's cool huh?

E, sure send it along and I'll post it here for the snake-lovers.

Wayne the first one just sat there. The second one raced away when we got too close. I'm using the zoom lens of course! :)

e said...

Yeah, I'm not sure I have too many snake lovers at my site. England is a pretty tame place. We don't have any real nasties. Sending asap.

Anonymous said...

Slam-BANG photos that time around. Nice job.

Rurality said...

Thanks Thingfish23.

Here is the link to E's snake pictures!