Thursday, February 14, 2008

I heart

I'm too busy to do a Valetine's post. And why should I, when so many others have already done it so much better... Click through for the absolute finest in Valentine's Day photos.

Gnumoon says Love Hurts.

Dr Flowers says this wood's got heart.

And of course it's Valentine's every day at Farmgirl Fare.

Beanie the chicken is back, you know. Here is Beanie's Valentine note. (And if you missed Jim and Beanie's Chopsticks duet, you should really see that too.)

Sorry if I missed your wonderful Valentine photos. It's probably just because Bloglines was slow serving up your offering.


robin andrea said...

We didn't do a Valentine's Day post. Forgot about it completely! Sure hope you have a grand Valentine's Day, Karen.

City Girl said...

How are you all holding up over there, weather-wise? Animals are NOT amused over on this end.

I want you to know that Beanie may be the bird that broke the carnivore's back. Who could eat chicken again after seeing all that?

Farmgirl Susan said...

I sat down to put up more heart rocks and found your sweet post. Thanks - and Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very clever post. I hope your life slows enough for you to enjoy the day...Happy valentines day to you.

Kimberlee said...

What a great site you have! This is my first visit, but I definitely plan to do more exploring...want to find out more about that soap!!!

Very clever Valentine post as well. :)

Rurality said...

RA, well we don't do much for Valentines, excpet go out to eat sometimes. But it was fun. :)

CG, the cold - eek, the rain - yay! We even got a trace amount of snow.

Susan, every time I see a rock shaped like that I think of you!

Lisa, well an increase in business is never bad I guess. :) I just wish it were spread out better sometimes!

Thanks for visiting, Kimberlee!