Saturday, February 09, 2008

So excited

The first Trillium of our spring, Trillium decumbens.

OK, it's not really spring yet. But I'm cheering the effort of this bedraggled little Hepatica1.

It's not all sunshine and bluebirds yet -- these were the only examples in our two-hour walk today -- but we'll be there before you know it.


1 I think the name has actually changed to Anemone acutiloba, but I'm in denial.


Beth said...

The trillium are beautiful little harbingers of spring--and still four months away for me. We are expecting another foot of snow today.

nina said...

You've prompted me to go check beneath our feeders for sessile trilliums--probably there, but beneath leaf litter and fallen winter branches.
Yes, spring is coming, one millimeter at a time.

pablo said...

I spent a couple hours hiking in the woods yesterday hoping to see some blooms (witch hazel could be), but I think I'm still too far north for that.

Of course Spring may be paying respect to the Queen of All Blogs!

Pamela said...

Is it early?
We had trilliums where I grew up near Seattle. My mother insisted that we NEVER pick them, or they wouldn't grow back for 7 years.

Frances said...

To show what we really think of your blog, You have been awarded the E for Excellence. Go to our post about it to collect your Big E.

Frances at Faire Garden

Rurality said...

Beth, I've been busy lately griping about the fact that we haven't had any snow at all in at least 4 years! We used to get at least a *little* every year or two. But we've only ever gotten as much as a foot once in the past 100 years or so!

Nina, I kept hearing gardeners talking about seeing "noses". Well I don't have a wildflower garden per se right now - just the woods at our place. So my random leaf displacements didn't show me anything. So when Hubby spotted this already-up little jewel, I really was thrilled.

Pablo, we had witch hazel at our old house, but so far I haven't found any here. Really these are just little oddities. They were both in a small ravine -- maybe better protected? (I can guarantee you I get no respect around here!)

Pamela, yeah I usually don't see the majority of them until much later. Probably a month later! But we'll start seeing a few more in a couple of weeks, I imagine. Your mother was right, more or less... they take 7 years to bloom from seed, anyway!

Frances, thanks so much, you're a real sweetie!

mon@rch said...

You must be 3 months ahead of me! WOW - great signs of spring!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your area is way ahead of my SW IN area with spring blooms. I just found your blog through Frances at Faire Garden. She was right your blog is excellent.

KFarmer said...

I walked outside yesterday only to notice one of my fruit trees blooming~ I have daffy's all over the yard and the wild garlic is coming up... Lordy, lordy what's going to happen to it all when the SNOW does come : )

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The first bloom of the year, always an important occasion! Trilliums are great, how nice to have one already!

anne said...

JEALOUS! And also thrilled to see these guys. They'll be here too, but like Beth said, months away yet. Maybe not four... probably more like 2 or 3, but still.

I adore spring flowers. They are one of the primary reasons I fight with myself as to whether fall or spring is my favorite season.

kate said...

What wonderful surprises! I was amazed to see Trilliums shooting up already and a Liverlily in bloom. You are way ahead of us here ... we're buried under a few feet of snow.