Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Things that howl in the night

The video is here if you can't see it. (Sound only.)

That's Jasmine barking in the background, trying to be scary.

Yesterday, when I opened the gate to drive out, a very worried look came over her and she ran out like a shot. I believe she has a psychic power that tells her when I'm on my way to a meeting (usually in a hurry and without the need for a lot of extra dog hair), because that's the only time she ever escapes. She hadn't done it in a long time though, and I couldn't figure out what had possessed her.

She rushed down the driveway to bark at the neighbor's big red cooler, that was sitting on our side of the ditch. She quickly had it cowering in submission, apparently, and zipped back inside the gate before I could even work up a good amount of curse words.


Dave said...

Ours hardly ever howl. You're lucky.

Good to hear Jasmine can still protect you from wild picnic coolers, though. Those things are dangerous! Especially when filled with six-packs.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Last night must have been the night for working dogs. Mine made me work late

Floridacracker said...

Lucky you to have such a brave dog. There's something evil about coolers ... an inhuman coldness that I find, well ... chilling.
Good dog Jasmine.

mon@rch said...

Very cool! You know I have never been able to get a recording like that! I must get a dog!

Cathy S. said...

I was late to work today. Why? I had to drag my two dogs out from underneath a trailer where they had chased a snake. My boss just shakes her head and walks away.

pablo said...

Your videos look so much better than mine.

My dog can no longer hear much of anything, but he can still bark. Vacuum sweepers seem to be his personal enemies.

KFarmer said...

LOL! That is so like my Dog :) One of my favorite stories of her is when she saw a plastic bag that had blown up next to the fence and started barking at it. I said "go get it Dog~ go get it!" She got all excited/really scared and actually started heaving like she was going to throw up...It still makes me laugh thinking about it:)

Rurality said...

Dave, it's the ambulance sirens that really gets everybody going.

ADKM I would appreciate it sometimes if Jasmine would be more considerate in her late-night barking!

FC, you win the award for my favorite ever comment!

Tom, I wish I could have gotten the one I heard about a month ago. I was outside calling Jasmine and a coyote answered me from VERY near. Sounded very wolf-like!

Cathy, eek! Still too cold here for snakes, I think.

Pablo, heh. They look so much better when you make them smaller. :)

KF, Jassmine has been known to bark at clouds. Not kidding! If there is an odd-looking could nearby, she is going to do her best to scare it off. :)

Diana said...

oh - you are too funny, and our dogs must be related! Sierra barks at the trash cans outside all the time! Your neighbors better keep their coolers locked up!

Rurality said...

Diana, I should probably keep a list of all the things she barks at... the thing that upset her the most was the U-Haul we had parked here overnight once. :)