Thursday, February 12, 2009


Squirrels have their own ideas about what makes a good stumpery. "Feeding platforms, a must-have!"

This is what remains of our old falling tree problem.

Turkey-tailish fungi march up one side and down the next.

Flamboyant fungus.


I only learned about stumperies earlier this week, when a friend sent me an article about the one on Vashon Island. (Pat Riehl, the owner of that one, will be speaking at the B'ham Fern Society lecture in May.)


Trying to google images of stumperies brought me to an interesting blog, the Folly Fancier, who had featured this stumpish superstructure.

I saw that FF had also written about the Lupercale grotto, another coincidence, since of course Lupercalia starts tomorrow.


And a dog nicknamed Stump just won the Westminster dog show.


lisa said...

I learn sooo much cool stuff from your blog! Now I want to make a stumpery, and it will sure fit right in with my woodland "decor". (Plus you just can't ever have too many ferns! :)

robin andrea said...

Very interesting. I had no idea that stumps were used in such ways. I wish that Vashon Island article had more photos. I would have loved seeing all those stumps.

Pamela said...

clever how you pulled that all together in the last sentence.

We have a bunch of stumps in one corner of our yard. We put them there and our grandkids like to jump from one to antoher and back around.

In the winter I put bird seed on them.

Nothing like that other cool stuff you said. But I'm easy. ha ha.

Rurality said...

Lisa, I thought it was hilarious that people can mistake stumperies for brush piles. Sounds like my kind of garden. :)

RA, if you search on Google Images for "stumperies" you will find a few more.

Pamela, you'll see one just like that, if you look at Google images! :)

Wildeve said...

I love the photos of stumps! Thank you. They are so pretty. Reading through you blog, I see you live in the same town I stayed in when I visited Alabama 6 years ago. Nice place!

Rurality said...

Hi Wildeve, Really, you stayed here? Cool!

Wildeve said...

I did! My ex's family gave him a trip to the races for his 50th birthday. I went with him. I saw the covered bridges and went to a nice Antiques Mall a little to the North. The people in town were so nice.
Now my BF's mother has just moved to Talladega.
I love your wildflower pictures!