Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What madness

My Mom's old neighbor had a beautiful wall-trained Pyracantha espalier.

Some strain of madness* evidently struck the new occupant. He cut it all down, while it was full of berries.

Mom rescued a few branches for display.


*Rhodophobia, the fear of the color red?


This is not the first time I've wished for a Big Book of Phobias. The internet can't find me a word that means fear of berries. Or fear of thorns, though I'm almost certain those words must exist.


P.S. Go visit the Festival of the Trees, if you haven't already.


Wildeve said...

Rhodophobia! LOL. I can't imagine cutting down a healthy Pyracantha. They are beautiful. I have had to cut them when they get sooty mold, which happens around here a lot.

Patsy said...

I don't think it's a fear issue I think it's a control issue. I've known other men (one of whom lives here) who can't stand to see anything just grow naturally; they'll cut it to a nub in a heartbeat.

threecollie said...

Awwww.....what makes people do stuff like that? When we moved from our place in town somebody cut down half the lilacs that I planted. Made me sad.

Pablo said...

Thanks for the Festival plug.

The Country Experience said...


Rurality said...

Wildeve, I know, I know! Nuts, huh?

Patsy, hmm you could be right!

3C, cutting down lilacs seems even worse. Why in the world?!

Pablo, I'm trying to get over my pique at carnivals ignoring me, and giving them a 2nd chance...

TCE, yep.

Ericka said...

well, when my mom and dad moved to the country, my mom the city girl planted a garden.

she was talking to the neighbor and weeding when the neighbor asked why mom was pulling out all of the radish plants. she thought they were weeds.

so, maybe he didn't know any better?

Pamela said...

I've seen several of those in berry - and they are so gorgeous.

It could be the fruit was messy on the ground. I fight with my husband over such things.

"It's messy" .. he says
"So?" I answer

Lythrum said...

I guess there's no accounting for tastes, that's definately a loss.

Floridacracker said...

They are wicked evil thorny trees. Alas they did me harm as a kid.

Gail said...

They do look good in the pitcher! Too bad about the destruction of a lovely shrub...Gail

amarkonmywall said...

I agree with Patsy- some people go nuts with pruners.
I LOVE your little sapsucker- wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Tell your Mom that a "Sleepy Eye" churn like the one in your picture sold at an auction last year for $250.00. (Google "Sleepy Eye" for more info.)

Rurality said...

Erika, ha! Poor radishes. :)

Pamela, oh, that's an idea. Yes, that's common I think!

Lythrum, I thought so too.

FC, maybe the neighbor too.

Gail, yeah they go well with that, don't they?

Vicki, maybe it was that "to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail" idea...

Anon, wow! Thanks, I'll tell her.

lisa said...

Maybe it was "Rhodo-thorno-busha-phobia" :) I think the branches look terrific in the churn regardless, and I'm glad to be reminded of firethorn...I forgot that one when planting stuff "for my neighbors" >:-)