Monday, July 04, 2005

Holiday cats

I think the cats' names are finally settled.

Turns out that at least two of the three "girls" are more likely boys.

Here's a sleepy roaring George:

And here are Ginger (L) and Dusty:

Because he's so curious.

Because of his color.

Because she acted like a little dustmop, hiding behind the fridge.

I'm trying out Blogger's new "add image" feature to upload the pictures. So if they look different, that's why.


Niobium said...

Will they be indoor cats? Outdoor? Both?

Very beautiful cats, btw. We have three here also: Caesar, Harley, and Francesca.

Rurality said...

Right now they are "outside when we can watch them" cats (inside most of the time). Actually we haven't put the smaller ones out yet, just the bigger one.

Ideally they would be outside in the day and inside at night, but I have to make sure they're not going to eat the birds.

swamp4me said...

I'm down to two cats at the moment, Ginny and Bullet. They are both indoor felines and both are getting some age on them (17 and 11 years, respectively.) I lost one of my cats back in November -- her name was Darcy and she was almost 17 years old.

Your babies are just too cute.

I tried the "add image" feature a couple of times a few days ago and lost both my posts. Glad to see it's working for you, though.

Maktaaq said...

So you're sticking with Ginger.

George looks evil.

And Dusty is still damn charming.

shannon said...

The pics look good uploaded that way.... Rooster and Ginger are twins - wow, they're identical. E's non-cat tendencies are really showing, poor 'Roo - the sooner he's out of that rabbit hutch and on solid food the better. E's animosity grows with every litter change. He does like our farm cats - but it helps thar all he has to do it pet them, feed them, and take off the occasional tick :) Of course the minute he's free to wander during the day I'm going to be a nervous whreck - hopefully by then I'll have a newborn HUMAN to distract me though.

Turtleheart said...

Purr-ty looking cats you have there! Oh my, I'll bet its quite lively at your house with those 3 young ones around!

How is Jasmine liking them? (or not?)

Rurality said...

Swampy, this was the longest we'd been catless in quite a while. When we got married I had one and he had two, but all have since died and we hadn't gotten any new kittens until now.

I've had a lot of trouble trying to get the picture feature to work, so I'll abandon it for now I guess. I hope they'll fix it soon. It would be handy if it actually worked.

Yep, these names are sticking even if Ginger is a boy and George is a girl. I don't think gender issues come up very much in the cat world.

Shannon I heard those human babies can be awfully distracting. :) Maybe E will get over his anti-cat tendencies as the kitty gets older. My Dad never liked cats much but grew to enjoy playing with the one I had in college.

Turtleheart, you have no idea! It's like a 3-ring circus around here most of the time now. Bunch of crazy cats running to and fro at full speed. Jasmine wants to get close to them but they are scared of her. I don't think she means them any harm, but they don't realize it. George's tail is always at full fluff whenever he's outside. :)

Rurality said...

I forgot to say, George is not evil! He is actually the friendliest of the bunch, and always the first to run up to get petted. Doesn't like to be picked up much, though.

robin andrea said...

Your kittens are getting so big-- and their cuteness just comes right through the photos. I bet they do some very funny things.
We keep our kitty in at night. Well, he usually gets me up around 4:30 in the morning to let him out. Up here on the peninsula the sun's getting ready to rise already at that hour!

Cuppa said...

What a treat your blog is. Makes me smile each morning and adds a bright touch to my day. Thanks.

I can almost hear the purrrrrr of the kittens all the way over here. cute, cute, cute.

Rurality said...

RD, cute and entertaining and sometimes aggravating too. "Oh, you didn't want that whole roll of TP for yourself, did you? Don't you think it looks better strewn throughout the living room?"

Thanks very much Cuppa! They have in fact all started purring now! I didn't think the younger ones knew how, but they've finally mastered it. :)

Willow said...

Dusty has the most adorable moustache!

Rurality said...

Hubby had suggested "Groucho" as a name at one time!

But we've already had a pet named that (a koi, no longer with us), and besides, she's not grouchy at all. :)

Anonymous said...

George looks terrifying, but what a big yawn!