Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We could be twins

I always dress like this when I'm feeding the chickens. (In "a demure Grace Kelly-inspired chiffon dress and cashmere cardigan". Not to mention high heels.)

And my house looks just like that too. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Hint to Madonna: They're gonna want more than you've got in that little bowl.


Suzanne said...

I don't know, how well does blood wash out of cashmere? It's gonna get messy when she has to right it's neck and gut it. Or maybe she's a lacto ovo vegetarian.

Thanks for the laugh of the day. Madonna has reinvented herself again. As for me, I prefer Maryjane Butters ....

She's got big vein-popping hands which translates to....she WORKS hard. No cashmere.

Cuppa said...

What a hoot. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I like the high heeled shoes in the grass too.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Madonna is now Mrs. Cleaver on an estate with chickens. How times change.

Niobium said...

What happened to the Madonna I knew and loved in the 80s?

Sigh. Now that she's done it (and them) all, the only thing left for her is wife and mother. She is like Hillary: a herione who abandoned those who put her in a place of power.

Madonna sucks now. She should run as Hillary's vice-pres.

Lorianne said...

Yes, I had to chuckle when I saw this. Actually, I *immediately* mistook Madonna for YOU, Rurality. "What's R doing on the cover of Vogue?!?" :-)

roger said...

your chickens obviously appreciate your tasteful feeding attire. they reward you with eggs.

madonna does have a lovely flock. (is that too much of a stretch for a pun)

robin andrea said...

I've heard that the chickens prefer her to be wearing her bustiere when she feeds them.

SantaBarbarian said...

I think Martha's chickens live better at their Palais de Poulet


Marsha said...

I wonder if they're really her chickens or if they were brought in for the shoot.

That's a lovely dress, though, isn't it?

Rurality said...

Zanne I've spent time at Maryjane's site before! I can't remember where I first read about her... she seems pretty cool.

Cuppa, you will agree with me that the only time for high heels in the grass is at a graveside service?

Fletch & Nio, yep she's somebody else all over again.

Lorianne you get the gold star for comments today, LOL.

DPR well they are nice chickens.

RD I needed a spew alert on that one... had my mouth full of coffee and it almost ended up all over the screen.

Jill, oh man oh man, I am so jealous of that Palais de Poulet. I wonder if she has someone clean it out daily...? It sure looked sterile. I'm going to have to steal that name for our coop though. Too funny.

Marsha it didn't even occur to me that those might be stunt chickens. Yeah I hate to admit it, but it is a nice dress and it looks really good on her. It's just not really, you know, chicken material!

Karen Schmautz said...

Oh man! That's what the gals in your part of the country wear...to feed the chickens? What must you wear to milk the cows?


Marie said...

Yep. That is a bunch of B.S. and chicken poop. Feed the birds, would ya please Madonna! I hope she gets pecked right on her pantyhose.

Anonymous said...

Vogue said that they are "prized" chickens.

And then what about the photo of the sheep in the pasture - in colors of pink, blue, green???

What a fantasy.

R.Powers said...

What, we aren't supposed to wear evening gowns to feed the livestock? Why didn't somebody tell me?

Rhodent said...

Those MUST be chicken poop resistant heels.

Crowe said...

haha - and she now lives here, in the Yookay, and has adopted a funny accent last heard used by Celia Johnson in 'Brief Encounter' in 1946. "I imagined him holding me in his arms. I imagined feeding his chickens in all sorts of glamorous circumstances. It was one of those absurd fantasies just like one has when one is a girl, feeding chickens on an English country estate ..."

Rurality said...

Hick, for cows I think something more dressy, don't you?

Marie, definintely chicken poop! Heh. (For B.S. see the next day's post.)

Dianna, oh now I'm going to have to try to find that magazine in the bookstore just to see the multicolored sheep. That seems like more of a Martha thing though, you know?

Prized chickens, huh? Think she took them to the county fair?!

Floridacracker, no, no, a cocktail dress will do just fine.

Rho - so much more fun if they're not though! :)

Sara I thought she'd stopped doing that strange accent. Too bizarre.

Crowe said...

She allegedly stopped doing The Accent, but I read something just last week saying that apparently it's back again. She's a strange gal.