Friday, December 30, 2005

The blog year in review, Part I

Some bloggy facts:

1. The first blog I ever read was My Blue House. It's gone now.

2. I know the secret identities of seven bloggers.

3. Some are more secret than others.

4. I've only met one other blogger in person.

5. It's one of the seven from #2.

6. One of my resolutions for the new year of 2005 was to start a blog.

7. I'd feel so much better about that accomplishment if it hadn't already been on my resolutions list for several years.

8. This year I was banned from commenting on one blog, for making a real smarty-pants comment.

9. I don't read that blog anymore.

10. Because to me a blog should be a two-way street, or else it's just another web page.

11. But I try to keep my more sarcastic thoughts to myself nowdays.

12. Technorati doesn't work all that well really, but I've found some of my favorite blogs by searching there to see who was writing about things that I was interested in.

13. Blogging has a lot of similarities to one of my former hobbies: writing to a jillion penpals.

14. Except that everyone can read your letters.

15. And you get a lot fewer postcards from the Faroe Islands.

Part II, coming right up.


happyandblue2 said...

I just love your blog. I always learn something here.
And you are just so darn nice..

Hick said...

I agree with Happy...again. I love your photos (I'm trying to learn how to operate my camera this year) and your style of writing.

Also...I love your dog.

pablo said...

Aside from my family blog, yours is the first blog I read and returned to. And I visit every day (don't like those RSS feed things too much).

shannon said...

Blogging has a lot of similarities to one of my former hobbies: writing to a jillion penpals.:

Me too - I must have had at least 10 penpals going at any one time, starting from probably first grade on.

Anonymous said...

You're more than welcome to leave all the sarcastic comments you like on my blog...I have found I hold back my inner most sarcastic comments as well. Sometimes it's just so hard though ;)

Clearly what I need is a secret identity.


Walter Jeffries said...

I agree with Pablo - the RSS feeds don't do it for me either. The only negative on blogging is I used to save the stamps. :) Other than that it is a lot of fun! I've certainly enjoyed coming back here to Rurality day after day, reading the things you say and seeing your beautiful photos. Like you, I've found Technorati to be less than filling. I still use it hoping it will improve. The idea is sound but there is too much duplication and it misses too many good sites.

Happy New Year!

Sugar Mtn Farm
in Vermont