Saturday, December 24, 2005

Have a merry one

OK I'm a scrooge. I'm Scrooge McScrooge. Bah. And oh yeah, humbug.

I'm not sure what came over me, or exactly when. I used to love all things Christmasy. I could happily shop for ornaments in the middle of July. Now I never want to decorate. My husband finally decided that he'd have to put up a tiny tree himself, or we'd have no decorations at all. I didn't get a single Christmas card sent. (I normally do though - I was just busy filling orders this year. Now it's too late.)

Even though I'm scroogy, I'm wishing everyone a merry Christmas. I haven't had time to go out and take pictures lately. So as your gift, I'm sending you to see someone else's.

This great photo of Western Australia mistletoe was taken by John Dolphin, a fellow wildflower nut. (Also see Maximum Depth of Field.)

If you have bizarro-brain like me, the name John Dolphin makes you think of the Buckaroo Banzai movie. (Sorry John!)

All the Lectroids are named John. Some have normal names, like John Parker or John O'Connor. But others are obviously made up, like John YaYa and John Smallberries. My favorite is John Bigboote, who keeps getting called Bigbooty. ("It's BigbooTAY!")

I must have seen this movie at least a dozen times. I love John Lithgow as the fiendish Lord John Whorfin/Dr. Emilio Lizardo. ("Laugh while you can, monkey-boy!") His expressions while giving a speech to the evil but listless Red Lectroids make it among my favorite movie scenes. ("History is made at night. Character is what you are in the dark!") I guess you could call the film a cheesy, over-the-top, low-budget spoof. The special goggles they use to watch a holographic message are clearly made from bubble wrap. But if you like that sort of thing, come on over. Bring the popcorn!


swamp4me said...

I have exactly three Christmas decorations up at the moment. There is a wreath on the carpot, an ornament on the backdoor, and another ornament above the mantle in the den. (I can't count the frog ornament or the clear glass balls because I leave them up all year, along with the glass Easter eggs suspended from the ceiling.)

Tucked away in a closet there are snow-globes, nutcrackers, candles, and ornaments galore...maybe next year :)

Martha Stewart, I'm not.

Merry Christmas!!

swamp4me said...

That should read "carport," not "carpot." But then, I bet you already figured that out ;)

Floridacracker said...

BB was a fun movie. I have not watched it in a long time. I'm thinking you might also be a Red Dwarf fan???

Merry Christmas Scrooge McSoap!

Marie said...

Well, if you are like me, you have been way to busy to think about Christmas, much less, do anything about it. And blogging and commenting...that has been pushed way back as well. However, today and tomorrow I am going to relish my time away from work. I sure wish that you have a few moments to take several deep breaths as well. Merry Christmas, Rurality!

roger said...

happy festivus from our unadorned household.

Ron said...

We got our tree in (it lives in a nursery can in the back yard) and decorated last night, with ceremonial eggnog. Today we'll hang up the rest of the stocking collection. Never did get around to doing a wreath, and I didn't see the usual big $13 wreaths at Costco.

We wish you a restful Christmas!

Clare said...

We are also decoration free this year. I did make an attempt to find the christmas tree (yes artificial, its a loonnnggg way to go to find a real one) in the sea can, but after crawling over boxes about half way in I gave into my inner scrooge.

Merry Christmas Rurality! Good to have you back.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Merry Christmas to you, my friend!

pablo said...

Like it or hate it, you can tell from watching Buckaroo Banzai that the people who made it were having a great time!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

The pirate already mentioned our completely unadorned house, so I won't have to. Just wanted to say I hope your holiday is festive and joyous, how ever you spend it. Thank you so much for being a part of our 2005. It has enriched our lives.

The Tart said...

Love your photo..not buying that your are a scrooge.

Deep down we all are children at heart,,,tonight I am sure I will hear Santa and the reindeer flying through the air.

Happy holidays & Merry Christmas!

The tart

Ontario Wanderer said...

Amazing all of the undecorated houses mentioned on this blog....
I dug up a small spruce from the edge of our property about a week ago and it sat in a pot on our porch until last night after dark when I brought it in and we put lights and decorations on it. I also got around to plugging in the lights on the tree outside last night. Fortunately most of them lit up. I have not taken the lights down for two years. I just bring in the extension cord and timer.

Enjoy your day off today. Don't even think about soap.

Wayne said...

We too are ornamentationless this year; oh well.

I can't believe I left Buckaroo Banzai off my list of seven most-watched movies. I certainly waited long enough for it to come out on DVD. A masterpiece of rollickin' fun.

And now Karen, did you get that outdoor cam? And what is it? I could hardly sleep last night thinking about it.

Merry Christmas to you all!

oa said...

I hope you will consider sending out that holiday greeting (formerly known as a Christmas card). It does not matter when it is sent, and the card wrapped around the note is not necessary. For as much as bloggers enjoy what they are doing, there is nothing like the light in a person's eye when they go to their mailbox and pull out a greeting from a friend. None get returned to sender for not "arriving on time". If nothing else, send to the senior citizens on your list? Now that you are a "middle-ager", you should begin to think of these things. (Tee Hee) As always, and with the rest of your loyal readers, I have enjoyed knowing that your silence meant your success, and do enjoy what you have time to write. Enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

Rurality said...

So glad to not be the only scrooge in the bunch! Like Swamp4me I have all sorts of decorations packed up somewhere.

We did drink more than our share of eggnog though.

FC I don't know that one, will have to check it out.

Jody, I guess I'm not a *total* scrooge... I do enjoy *other people's* decorations! :)

Wayne we haven't gotten it yet but I think we're going to get the Cuddeback 3.0. I can't wait! Hubby wants to set it up at the chicken coop first, to see who's stealing eggs. I think he's nuts and we'll get 50,000 pictures of chickens...

OA you are entirely right. I'm off to buy some cards!