Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ghosts of Christmas past

December 1961, two years old.

This must have been taken with my grandfather's camera - I don't think we had a color one until many years later.

One of those boxes held a great stuffed tiger, and there was a pink and blue stuffed bear in one of the others. (No I don't remember, I've just got more pictures.)

The table and tea set to the right were the BIG present.

December 1967, with my little brother and sister.

That bear he was sitting on had wheels, and could really scratch up the finish on a floor.

I seem to be holding a Barbie doll, but don't remember playing with them much. (I liked Johnny West dolls better.)

My sister seems happy with her sucker. I think that was her doctor's bag in the foreground.

We always had to wait until my grandfather got there to open the wrapped presents. I remember thinking that he needed to get up a lot earlier.


Janet said...

I love old pictures.I've been enjoying your blog for a long time( but never commented).I'm glad to see you are getting to post more often.( oh...I live in Blount Co., too)

Floridacracker said...

Hey, I had Johnny West, his horse, and his Indian buddy. I wish I had them now, they'd be worth a wee bit more than they were back then. I didn't have Barbie, but I admired her at the girl next door's house...

Ontario Wanderer said...

I see that you have always been beautiful!

Rurality said...

Thanks Janet, I'm an old-picture nut too... don't even have to know the people in them. Glad to know I've got a couple of BC readers. Waving at ya!

FC I had all the dolls in that series I think, and their horses. Always wanted the ranch house too but never got it. The dark-haired teenage girl was my favorite of course! Mom still has all of them - she had them out recently for the neices to play with. I don't really think they are worth that much, since they made so many. I can remember saving up all my money in order to buy horses for the dolls to ride on.

Dean, I'll be sending your bribe money real soon! :)