Saturday, January 14, 2006

More recommendations

There is always a Friday Ark over at The Modulator - go there for links to critter pictures of the week. And if you've got a blog, be sure to submit your photos too.

And then there's Caturday, a newish blog about - cats, what else! They were nice enough to include one of my recent pictures.

I know, I know, I need to update my blogroll! In the meantime be sure to check out the Firefly Forest Blog. Besides the great nature pics, I enjoyed the recent Light Trail Photographs:

And thanks so much to Gnumoon for letting me know about Pandora. You can create your own online radio stations, and "train" them to play what you like, based on your own recommendations. I'm currently building:

Karen's Alternative
Karen's Folk
Karen's Bluesy
Karen's Minimalism
Karen's Alt Country

and several more. You can build a station based on just one artist or song, or list several for an interesting mix.


Rurality said...

Just so you know - yes I do always ask before stealing pics from someone else's blog!

Dana said...

Hey Karen! Everyone loved the soap at Christmas.

And thanks for the links in this post.

threecollie said...

This is GREAT! I happened upon you on the Ark there, and blogrolled you right away. Love the pictures!

Floridacracker said... can and a stick music?

Rurality said...

Thanks Dana! Glad they liked it!

Thanks Threecollie. I'm going to try the light pics too. Too bad we already took the tree down.

FC, sort of! Actually it just means mainly acoustic... without a lot of instrumentalization.