Saturday, January 21, 2006


The rain was so loud that it woke us up. It was still dark outside, but we couldn't get back to sleep. So naturally the talk turned to... nanobots.

"If they had nanobots, they wouldn't even have to make an incision - you could just put nanobots in there and they'd clean all that up."

"How would you get them in, through the ears?"

"Yeah, or you could just inhale them."

"Well the next thing you know, the government would be sneaking little spy nanobots in there, to record your thoughts."

"Yeah. And the big companies would get in on it too. They would be putting nanobots into candy bars, that would make you want to eat more and more candy bars."

"Then you'd have to take diet pills with nanobots that would fight the candy bar nanobots."

"Eventually we'd probably all just be zombies controlled by the nanobots."

We decided that nanobots wouldn't be such a good thing after all.


Floridacracker said...

Have you read "Prey" by Crichton?

Definitely not a good idea.

Ron Sullivan said...

Have you read CJ Cherryh's nanostuff pair (so far), Hammerfall and Forge of Heaven? Slow-starting but fun.

Jer said...

Nano hair bots are the future!

I'm waiting for nano shave-bots. Dump a bag of them on my face and they'll each take up a position next to a whisker, chewing off the growth 24x7. Some folks could use nano nose-hair shave-bots.

Nano hair grow-bots would sit on the heads of guys with receding hair lines, making sure their hair never goes to sleep and dies. Maybe they'd fertilize the failing hairs, give them shitzu follicle massages, and inject the nearby skin with relaxants so excess frowning doesn't close off the pores. Kind of like personal trainers for hair.

N.O. Botz said...

Silly humans don't know that we already control them!

Watchmania said...

hahaha, this exchange really made me laugh, thanks!

pohanginapete said...

Yeah, "Prey" is good, solid science, as are Crichton's arguments why global warming is bunkum. Good thing we have him to put all those uppity scientists in their place (no offence meant to you, floridacracker; I just think Crichton should stick to his fiction).

Seriously, the Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology has a very good summary of what are currently believed to be the significant risks of nanotech (other than baldness when the shavebots decide your beard isn't enough, or looking like King Kong when the growbots run amok).

Rurality said...

No I haven't read any of the things mentioned... will have to look them up! (I think we may actually have "Prey" around somewhere but I haven't read it yet.)

Jer you may be onto something... little nanobots that would wash my hair for me would be just the ticket.

Hmm alien nanobots may already be among us... :)

Thanks Sara, the Hubby really cracks me up sometimes!

Pete thanks for the link. We may be needing those tin foil hats sooner than I'd thought...