Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm about to leave for a gardening conference and don't have time to look up this caterpillar. If you know the ID, feel free to leave a comment. See you next week!


In the meantime, check out I and the Bird!


pablo said...

Yeah, I've got it. It's a green caterpillar.

Jenn said...

Would be good to know the food source.

I don't know that 'pillar anyway.
But food source is a good start for an ID search.

~ J ~ said...

Not JUST a green caterpillar Pablo......

a PRETTY green caterpillar!

Rhodent said...

Wow, do I wish I had a camera like yours! I am constantly mesmerized by your close-up photographs!

Pony said...


When I asked Rurality about her camera I received this response:

"Thanks Pony, my camera is pretty old, for a digital. It's a Sony Mavica CD-1000. Very low pixels compared to what's available nowdays. It does have a few nice features though. (Plus some that drive me crazy.)