Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I'm not sure what happened to spring. The days are consistently in the 80°s now. It's been over 90°.

(That's about 30°C and 33°C, respectively.)

I want to go wading.

I'll probably have to wear my shoes though, or buy some of those sock-shoe combos made to wear in the water. The creek looks idyllic, but a lot gets washed into it. More rusty metal and glass than you'd think.

My grandfather lived by a small creek when I was a kid. There were even concrete steps leading down to it, which I loved. You could sit on the steps and still dangle your feet in the water. Back then the biggest worry about wading was the slippery rock problem, which often led to a soggy backside problem.


KFarmer said...

Did that lead to the warm bottom problem? I was always in trouble from getting my clothes dirty and wet, usually right before we were supposed to leave somewhere :)

Hick said...

You and FC. He's talkin' about wading around in ditches today.

I used to wade around in a local creek when I was a kid...always looking for water skippers and crawdads. But, I wasn't real keen on getting muddy. What a priss.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

That is some hot weather you are having. I was just reading another favorite blog Stone Bridge which is in Austin, and he is posting about the temps being 100 already. Yikes. I hope it comes back down before it stays there all the way into fall.

There really was a time when creeks ran clean, and our only mishap was a misstep and a wet bottom. Those truly were the days.

Rita said...

This is what I have decided. Ready?

You should open up a 3 day B&B/workshop for stressed people (especially overworked/overstressed working suburban moms that never have time to do ANYTHING relaxing.)

Activities would include:

Soap making
Nature Walks
Egg gathering
Creek wading
Photography classes

The shrimp recipe would be perfect for an evening meal. And people would have to pay to come there, and help make soap for you to sell.

Don't thank me, just let me know when its all ready.

yllstonewolf said...

...creek wading is an amazing pastime that i had forgotten. in august i waded through beaverdam creek in the thorofare area of yellowstone. no glass or debris, being 60 miles from the nearest road, but the water was icy and i almost got a soggy bottom problem without falling it was SO deep.
this brings back great memories!!!

meresy_g said...

Creek wading is an awesome pasttime. We always had our old Keds by the back door with the heels mushed down just for wading purposes. Snapping turtles were always a drawback though. There were some large ones in the creek behind out house.

Floridacracker said...

Wow, you're as hot as we are.
Hey! We're hotties!

Love to go wading streams and ditches, but I always have a pair of sneakers on.
And clothes.

...I'm not Pablo.

chiefbiscuit said...

That's hot - and that creek looks sooo cool. We're in autumn and having warm 20 degree days ... I am in sandals ... long may it last.

TurtleHeart said...

Oooh, I want to go wading too.

When I was a child, my family used to go camping at a place called Baily's Ford and I loved to wade in the stream there. It was beautiful and peaceful.

JLLove said...

Wow, did you just bring back nice memories. A creek backed our suburban home...more drainage than creek. But nature has a way of making up for man's intervention. We waded, fished, caught crawfish or crawdads as we called them. Chased snakes and built dams to the annoyance of our upstream neighbours. It is was a kid magnet and source of wonderful warm afternoons of play.

Rurality said...

KF, yep! Or at least I thought it would. :)

Hick, that's why the steps were so great. Kept the clothes clean!

RD, yeah I thought it was bad here until I heard about that. Wow.

Rita, would you believe we did think about something like that when we first bought the place?! Fishing would be on the list too, or alternatively, otter-chasing. But in the end I guess we decided we liked our privacy too much. Always an option for the future, I guess.

YSW, this water is fairly cold but, I'm glad, not icy!

M, as a kid I was more of a PF Flyer fan than Keds. But I know what you mean!

FC, I have the vague hope that it will be in the 70s again before October, but I may be disappointed.

CB I remember the first time I heard the notion that seasons 'down under' were backwards from ours. I thought it was a joke! :)

TH you reminded me of the camping area in a national forest not too far away... great wading area there too.

JLL I remember seeing a snake near that creek of my childhood, but strangely enough, no other animals.

Dana said...

I love clear creeks. Always had to find me one when I was a child. Even now, I hope to buy land someday with a good sized creek on it. Makes for some good wadin'.

We were in Bama last week and went to the Birmingham Zoo one day when it was 90! I couldn't believe it was so hot in April. But then, of course, the storms began and it got a bit cooler.

roybe said...

That is a beautiful tranquil scene, not unlike the australian bush (countryside)